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Possums On Burnside, Review

The perfect hidden gem in the busy Craighall Park business hub it’s just a pity the service is one BIG let down. Possums on Burnside has great potential to be the best and ideal garden venue for beautiful brunches and lovely outdoor dining in Johannesburg. The outdoor space is pretty relaxing and it has quite a pleasant atmosphere, perfect for big or small group events. The menu from first glance seems pretty exciting until you start to order and realise that half the dishes are either sold out, discontinued or the waiters have never even heard of them but they are somehow listed.

I for one tried one of the pasta dishes that was somewhat available it was pretty decent nothing out of the ordinary and my friend went for a vegetarian options which had a great balance of flavours. Both our meals ended up being more of self designed dishes with a mix of what was available on the menu. From what I could tell the best items on the menu are the salads they looked colourfully bright, fresh and would go down perfectly in this summer heat with a crisp glass of wine. Speaking of wines, Possums has a great wine and cocktail list the only things that are never sold out lol. I think the lighter meal options are the better choices here if you want to have a spectacular time.

If you love the outdoors and want to swap city bedlam for a serene lunch in a beautiful garden then do try Possums, maybe you will get lucky and all the menu items will be available. I honestly really like this place I just wish they would get the service up to par with industry standards. Get waiters who are trained and actually care for the work and clients. The place has so much potential, but the current state of the service takes away from all it’s glory!


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