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My Top 8 Places To Eat At In Bali

As most of you would have seen by now, I am currently in Bali exploring the food and lifestyle scene and I think after trying out over 20 different restaurants I can confidently share my top 8 best places to dine at in Bali with you guys! I made sure we try everything from the local food, to finding the best pizza, pasta, burger, ribs and sea food spots.  Some of these restaurants also have the best views in Bali which makes them the best place for sundowners but I will do a separate post on my top chill out spots for drinks.

The one thing to note about Bali is that the food here is absolutely amazing, everywhere you go you are bound to find delicious and out of this world flavours. You will never be disappointed when it comes to the food in Bali, so be sure to try out as many places as possible when you visit. Here are my top 8 places so far:

Best Sea Food: Potato Head & Sea Vu Play 

Wether you are looking for a delicious Seafood Soup, Platter or a simple Fish & Chips then Potato Head & Sea Vu Play are a must visit. Potato Head is the perfect destination for when you are in the mood for a great ocean view, sexy beach babes, infinity pool and magical sunsets, while Sea Vu Play is more for those epic nights out on the town with friends.

Both restaurants are quite different but both give you that much needed balance when you in the mood to relax or party.  You can expect very fresh and well designed meals at both places. When it comes to pricing Potato Head is a bit more on the pricey side you can look at spending R3000 / $280 for 4 including drinks, while at Sea Vu Play you can spend up to R1000 / $80 for 4 including drinks and they give out free shots every night at 9pm.

Both places are a definite must if you are ever in Bali and both places have super amazing, super fast WiFi so your Instagram will be LIT!

Best Local Food: K Resto

When it comes to local meals like noodles, curries and soups I found that the smaller beachfront restaurants had some of the best, very decent and well priced options. My favourite beachfront restaurant has to be K Resto everything from the food and desserts to the cocktails is amazing and you can once again sit back relax and enjoy the sunset views. Enjoy the live band, make new friends and take a dip in the ocean while enjoying an ice cold local beer. You can look at spending around R500/ $47 not including drinks for 2 at most of the smaller beachfront restaurants. These restaurants are prefect for those lazy days when you are not exploring Bali and don’t want to waste money.

Best Burgers, Ribs & Lamb Shank: ManoChar Char & The Lawn Canggu

Meat lovers Mano, The Lawn & Charr Charr are definitely the best places to stop by for a good burger, lamb shank or ribs. Mano has some of the best pork ribs I have ever tasted while Charr Charr makes the most delicious burgers you will find in Bali and The Lawn on the other hand serves up the greatest Lamb Shanks of all time, WOW. All three restaurants are slightly on the premium side of things with Mano & The Lawn sitting beautifully along the beachfront and Charr Charr in the heart of the Seminyak party scene giving you the best views in the house of the vibey streets. You can look at spending around R1600 / $130 for 4 at all three places places including drinks. 

Best Pasta: La Lucciola

Think beautiful sunset views and no connectivity to the internet. La Lucciola is the perfect place to relax and detach from the world while enjoying some of the best Italian dishes you will find in Bali. The best part is you get to have a premium experience at a reasonable price. You can look at spending R700/ $60 for 3 including drinks. The food is fresh, crispy and the flavours are absolutely magical. If you are obsessed with your mobile phone then this place is definitely not for you. 

Best Pizza: Hanks Pizza & Liquor

Hanks was by far one of my favourite finds in Bali. Everything from the set up to the staff is just uber cool and on another level. It’s hip, happening and serves up the best pizza on the island in my opinion.  Each pizza on the menu is named after  rock stars and the powerful flavours are clearly well suited to the names. There are other super delicious items on the menu like nachos and the mac n cheese which will also blow you away. Hanks for me was the perfect chill spot after a rough night out. Great vibes, good food and some refreshing juices, that ginger juice was to die perfect hangover cure lol. I love Hanks can you tell 🙂 and the best part is it’s affordable look at spending R600 / $55 for 3.

Even though these were my favourite places trust me when I say almost every restaurant in Bali serves up deliciously top quality food so try them all!!

I will be sharing all my favourite things about Bali this whole week so look out for more posts 🙂 if you have any questions then always feel free to message me or leave a comment below. *more photos on the Facebook Page – AverageSA_Blog *



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