Strongbow Apple Cider Launch At Neighbourgoods Market

Strongbow has made a big comeback guys! I was slightly skeptical at first but let me tell you their new apple ciders have made me a believer! Who would have thought that that old apple ale Strongbow would make such a strong come back, such a major upgrade, shuuu.

Strongbow launched its ciders on Saturday afternoon at the vibrant and ever buzzing Neighbourgoods market with a magnificent release of over 8000 origami butterflies over the city as they remixed the purity and serenity of nature back into the city. The new ciders offer a great variety and bring back that refreshing sting that so many other ciders lack. The Red Berries cider is by far my favourite, that strawberry flavour mixed with a touch of lemon and apple finish was the perfect combination in the afternoon heat. It was also a clear winner with the all ladies at the Apple Cider Launch. The gents on the other hand seemed to love the Gold Apple cider most, must be that bittersweet finish it has to it. 

The launch was fresh, crazy fun and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon on a rooftop in JHB with the whose who of SA. I am pretty sure that the ciders will be making many appearances at parties and braai’s this summer! Don’t be shy to grab yourself some no one will judge you,  this is definitely Strongbow like you have never seen and tasted before!

What we enjoyed most about the event:

The rooftop venue was cool and the perfect hangout just above the vibrant neighbourgoods market – unfortunately the getting up there was a bit of a mission

Seeing 2leestark perform was super cool good to see the boy doing great things.

The great mixture of guest was lovely for once it didn’t feel like another JHB party with the same old faces. Some new ones and some old ones gave the event a perfect combination.

The food, burgers, pizza and donuts were the perfect combination with the ciders. Super chilled, not pretentious, people were actually relaxed and having a good time

I was  literally typing this blog while at the event, trying out new things and watching it all unfold so we don’t miss a thing.  Lol Happy Sunday friends be safe and remember to grab a Strongbow.

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