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Tei Avon Schwarma Bistro

Trust me to go to a Schwarma Bistro and order anything but a Schwarma. Tei Avon Schwarma Bistro is is known for it’s spectacular traditional Mediterranean Schwarmas that are blended with flavors & tastes from around the globe. So I figured why not try something else on the menu because I wouldn’t be surprised by how good the Schwarmas are. Before we get into the food, it’s good to note that the service was a solid 8 out of 10. Friendly staff and they make the atmosphere all the more relaxing with their amazing kindness. Now on to the food, let’s just say it was worth every penny and it really didn’t even cost that much. Opted for the Seared Honey Sesame Salmon which is served with veggies and couscous. The honey sesame sauce was the star of the meal making the Salmon all that more special, pure joy in my mouth. Awesome experience, lovely little restaurant that is definitely worth a visit.


Reasons to dine here:

Food is delicious
DIY Menu
It’s affordable
Magical Flavours
Service is great

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