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NESCAFÉ RICOFFY Celebrates All Things South African As The Brand Turns 50

Iconic South African brand NESCAFÉ RICOFFY celebrates its 50th birthday this year. To celebrate the occasion the brand honours South Africa’s heritage through a campaign that encourages all South Africans to celebrate our uniqueness. The campaign has  a number of exciting elements, each of which puts the spotlight on the beauty of South Africa and  NESCAFÉ RICOFFY’s proudly South African heritage.

As part of its birthday celebration the brand has over the last months, asked South Africans to co-create with them and share the words and phrases that celebrate our idiosyncratic ways that make us South African – what the brand is calling ‘South Africanness;. These words were then used to create a one of a kind MZANSAY keyboard which will allow users to send predictive text that incorporates unique South African words and phrases. A celebration of the country’s unique and authentic language, the keyboard is available for download from the App Store on any Android or IOS device.

“Uniquely South African expressions often get lost, misunderstood and misinterpreted with autocorrect and predictive text,” explains Nicole Roos, Business Executive Officer, Coffee and Beverages at Nestlé. “We’re solving this problem with the launch of the Mzansay Keyboard which allows people to connect in a natural way, allowing people to have fun and communicate in a genuinely South African way. It’s about celebrating our unique expressions.”

The keyboard has been developed with the help of contributions of uniquely South African words, expressions, sayings, colloquialisms, sounds, gestures and even hand signals from South Africans across all walks of life. Social media influencers and celebrities have been encouraging their audiences to contribute suggestions. Over six thousand words have been contributed to date.

In addition to the Mzansay Keyboard, NESCAFÉ RICOFFY will release a limited edition heritage tin which celebrates 50 years of South Africanness, designed by renowned South African illustrator Karabo Poppy. Launched during Heritage Month, the limited release tin will be available at retail outlets from the month of September.

The final element of NESCAFÉ RICOFFY’s 50th birthday celebrations include a collaboration between the brand and acclaimed South African designer Gert Johan Coetzee. The latter has designed a fabric bucket hat which will include a selection of words and phrases from the Mzansay Keyboard. The hat, promises to be the most coveted summer must-have item.

“South Africans have been through a tough time in the past 18 months,” says Roos yet again we have shown our tenacity and humor through it all. We are a resilient nation, connected by our ability to find humour in even the most difficult and challenging situations. The uniquely South African way we have of describing these situations is something that has previously escaped predictive texts. That changes with the launch of NESCAFÉ RICOFFY’s Mzansay Keyboard which allows us to celebrate and embrace our South Africanness.”

Visit the website, or the brand social media pages @NescafeRicoffysa to be part of the birthday celebrations.

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