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Protea Hotel Stellenbosch Review

Sometimes wine tasting around Stellenbosch can get super exciting and very boozy, so booking an overnight stay might be your best and safest option to insure you enjoy all the different wine experiences to the fullest. One place that is perfect and affordable for those over night stays is the Protea Hotel in Stellenbosch. I recently stayed here and I must say I was a bit skeptical at first but it turned out to be a pretty decent hotel.

The Hotel has quite a lot of ups and just one down which is great. So let’s get the down out the way first before we move on to the good stuff. The couches in the rooms could seriously do with some urgent cleaning, the stains looked quite scary on the one in my room *yikes*. Now onto the good stuff, the rooms are very spacious with a homely feel, I must say I really loved the space and wished we could have stayed for an extra few days. They are also really  clean (besides the couch)  and have a lovely refreshing aroma. The hotel also has a few outside activity areas for the whole family  like the outdoor pool, volleyball field and a play area for children.

On the food front the hotel restaurants serve a good breakfast, lunch and supper for all pallets. Whether you in the mood for something light, fancy, greasy or even crafty they will make it happen upon your request. The staffs adaptability to people making changes to their menu is something I really appreciated and every single time they would do it with a great smile on their faces. A very friendly and creative team. Now that it’s peak season the rooms start at around R1813 a night but well worth a visit all year round, perfect accommodation when exploring Stellenbosch.



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