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Top 3 Places To Dine At In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Until you actually touch down in Rio de Janeiro it’s extremely difficult to understand the sheer size of the city and how far apart everything is. So going on adventures to try and explore the food culture can be somewhat expensive trying to travel from one end of  Rio to the other.  To try and cut our costs we ended up eating at the the beach clubs on most days and on the rare occasion we would venture out and go try some of the restaurants in Jacarepaguá & Copacabana and these were my favourite 3 of our trip.

Nolita Oven Bar – Village Mall

The first ever oven & bar in Brazil. A beautiful counterpoint between fire and ice, cosmopolitan and rustic, Nolita combines two diverse environments seamlessly together while bringing you the best Pizza of your life. The beautiful views coupled with a crisp glass of wine makes it the perfect place for afternoon drinks and great conversations with friends. Not only is the service great but they have an amazing team who go all out to make sure you are comfortable and well taken care of. Big shout out to Felipe for being our amazing host 🙂

Food was prepared to perfection and the service a solid 10/10

Cost – You can look at spending around R$250 / R930 for two including a bottle of wine.

Don Camillo Copacabana   

If you are a fan of Italian food then Don Camillo in Copacabana is definitely a must. They make the most delicious Italian specialities such as ragù alla bolognese, spaghetti alle vongole, and the classic risotto ai funghi. Situated in front of the Copacabana waterfront it is the perfect spot for lunch while taking in the beach views. Don Camillo also has a great selection of international wines so if you are a wine drinker then it is the perfect place. We tried some of the South American wines and all I can say is, WOW, WOW, WOW. 

Food again was prepared by some very loving hands because it tasted fantastic and the service here was a bit shaky at the start but ended up on a great note a good 8/10.

Cost – You can look at spending R$300/ R1 120 for three including a bottle of wine.

Vizinhando – New York Shopping Centre (Barra)

Now this place is what we call a meat lovers heaven. For someone who is not a big fan of red meat, Vizinhando had me drooling and overly excited for it. They have all kinds of meat from chicken to pork and fish catering for all meat lovers. Sorry Vegans this place is definitely not for you. This is the perfect place for sharing as most of their menu items are designed for big groups. Very cost effective too. This is one of those hangouts where you go and enjoy a cold beer and what we would call braai meat (barbecue). Unfortunately the service was a bit tricky as no one spoke english but we somehow managed to make it work. The staff were still super friendly even though we didn’t understand each other lol. 

Food was well prepared juicy and full of flavour – service if we understood Portuguese would have been a solid 10/10 but will have to go for 8/10 for not having an english speaking employee seeing as quite a few tourists stopped here for lunch.  

Cost – You can look at spending R$300 / R1 120 for five including a beer each (one of the cheapest places for sure with superb quality)

Other awesome restaurants worth a mention:

Carretão Classic Grill – again a meat lovers heaven they serve bottomless meat. It’s delicious and a fund experience. 

Giuseppe Grill – Seafood lovers this one is the perfect place for you some of the best Oysters in Rio.

The Brazil culinary scene is definitely one of the best in the world and well worth exploring, it’s worth every penny too. In every corner you will find locals playing with different colours, textures, and flavours, to bring you some of the most exquisite food, I really wish we could have explored more. If you will be travelling to Rio anytime soon then I  hope this post will help a little with your planning. 



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