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A Letter To Him

I’ve known pain
Have you?
I’ve known bitterness
I bet you have too
The possibility of compatibility
Hogged by a mind trapped in the past
The hope of being able to love
with a new softened heart
Walked all over by  the lack of willingness

I’ve known effort
I’ve known freedom from the past
The only burden that remains
Is the writings I have to get to you

The letter ends likes this…
You’ve known me
And loved me
Did nothing when you saw that you were losing me

*A letter to him inspired by e.h. (Eric Hanson’s ‘Hope’) and Birdy’s ‘Heart of Gold’ ‘I can be strong when I want to be/You think I’m weak ’cause you can tear me apart with the words you speak/You think you’re in control but you don’t understand how much you are wrong/You choose to lash out at me/I’ve done nothing wrong/All you crave is attention and just to be loved/You need to be loved…*

A poem by Lebo Poen author of : “For the Broken Ones” get her amazing new poetry book NOW!

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