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Top Restaurants To Try In Patong, Phuket Thailand

As a food blogger it only made sense for me to make sure I try out as many restaurants as possible while I was on holiday. My friend and I started our Thailand foodie journey along the vibrant Patong Beach and all I can say is you will find that most restaurants here are nothing more that just tourist traps, that serve somewhat mediocre Thai food at ridiculous prices. Lucky for us though we did manage to find a few hidden gems that served the most delicious food at reasonable prices. This is our list of the top restaurants we came across in Patong, Phuket Thailand. There are a lot and I mean a lot of places to eat at in Patong it’s just a matter of exploring and finding the right ones. Most of the menus look the same but there is always that one meal that makes a place stand out and that’s what we looked for every time we decided on where to eat.

Top Thai Food: Khun Geo Restaurant, Moody’s Cafe, May’s Restaurant & Aspery Hotel

If you are looking for great flavours of spices then these restaurants were our top winners. Everything from the Pineapple Fried Rice to the Thai Basil Rice with Pan Fried Chicken was made to perfection. Flavours blended so well I mean who mixes fried rice with pineapple but trust me it worked like some kind of wonderful magic trick. You can expect stellar service here and they have some of the best cooling systems to help with that extreme Thai heat. The meals are reasonably priced and happy hour at these places last for a full 8 hours, buy 1 cocktail get one free, you can bet I was happy all the time because of that. I also liked that the ingredients here unlike most places are always fresh and these are some of the cleanest restaurants you will find in Patong. Top Pizza: The Murphy’s Irish Pub 

While trying to avoid the Thai heat we some how stumbled across The Murphy’s Irish Pub when we walked past it, we were hit by such an amazing and inviting breeze that we decided this is the perfect place for us to cool down. You can expect to find all the regular pub food you would get anywhere else in the world on the menu. We opted for the pizza and after joking around about how it would most probably be Thai flavoured pizzas lol we were rather surprised at how delicious our pizzas were. Magic combination of cheeses,, olive oil, fresh garlic and oregano, nothing but yummy  gooeyness.

Top Burgers & Sandwiches: Nicky’s Handlebar & E.A.T (European And Thai)

When the Thai food starts to get overwhelming and you are looking for some great familiar comfort food then Nicky’s Handlebar and E.A.T is the perfect place because they serve a variety of food that isn’t just Thai food. The service at these two places is also super wonderful, ask for waiters Max & Ice at Nicky’s they are super amazing. The burgers are a thing to marvel over, my favourite was the Strawberry Burger, the excitement of

the strawberry red bun and the juicy patty toppled with melting cheese and delicious relish, wow just thinking about it again is making me so happy. It was truly magnificent and full of flavour. When it comes to the sandwiches the best I had all holiday was the Swiss Cheese . You can look at spending anything between ฿450 -฿600 including drinks. Nicky’s also has awesome beer specials for all the beer lovers. It’s a bikers heaven that serves good food and good beer.

Top Cocktails: Two Chefs & Moody’s Cafe

The one thing we noticed in Patong is one, non-alcoholic drinks are way more expensive than alcoholic drinks and two, good cocktails are very hard to come by. Most places make watered down cocktails but we found Two Chefs and Moody’s Cafe to make some of the best I have tasted on my entire holiday and the price point is not to bad either.  They have a good selection of drinks on their menu’s, whereas most places only have a few. You can look at spending between ฿70-฿120 per cocktail when the prices everywhere else start at like ฿170-฿200. 

Most of these places have awesome specials that are easy on the pocket making them some of the best places to dine at. I think the best thing to do when on holiday is to explore as many places as possible and pick what suites you best. You don’t learn about a place from it’s brochures and millions of online reviews, you learn by exploring it yourself, life is better that way. These were just some of our favourite places to eat at while we were on holiday.

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