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Cosmic Flower 🌸 Child 

Your life is not about sunshine and flowers.

Neither is it about pain, misery and tears.

It is not about conquest and victories.

Nor the losses, anguish and despair.

Your life is about the moments.

Each unique to itself;

Some Bright, others dark

Each to teach you about the self.

Most search for the light at the end of the tunnel.

You must realise that you are the light and life is the tunnel.

Others will look to the sky for help.

You must become that help.

All that separates people is their destiny.

Yours is far greater than most.

Yours is designed to transcend infinity.

And always comes at a greater cost.

You’d be forgiven for thinking yourself too weak.

That though, is no fault or design flaw.

Your job is to inspire the meek.

And to “never go with the flow”.

You’re born of the stars and the earth

And your greatest challenge is the human experience.img_0422

Life on earth will make you doubt your worth.

Eventually all will be outshone by your inner radiance;

You will never get over this life’s hurt nor its pain.

Yet through it you will find and bring beauty to the fore.

You’ll find no lasting joy in worldly gain.

Through each dark moment your light will shine brighter than before.

The world will not always be grateful nor kind.

Just remember you know better;

And you are one of a kind

Nobody expects you to get over any of it;

we just don’t want to see you deny;

the world the beauty of your heart;

smile and laughter.

Beautiful Cosmic Flower 🌸 Child.

By Naffstarr

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