Win Tickets To Ultra SA For You And A Partner

Ooooooh Yeah it’s competition time again and this time we have two Ultra SA tickets valued at R900 each to give away to one lucky blog subscriber!The tickets are for the Johannesburg leg on the 25 February at the Nasrec Expo Centre. All you have to do to stand a chance to win these tickets is tell us “Who you would take as your date to Ultra SA and why”. The most deserving response will then get emailed two tickets to go and see some of the world’s best DJs live. So get entering and win you your partner the party experience of a lifetime!

As with all competitions Terms & Conditions apply so please make sure you read the T’s & C’s carefully before you enter!

Terms & Conditions:

1. You have to be 18 years and older to be eligible for the prize.
2. You have to be subscribed to the blog.
3. You have to follow us on Twitter – @AverageSA_Blog
4. You have to share the competition on Twitter, make sure we are tagged when you do.
5. You have to leave your answer in the comments section below.

Congratulations Lee Isaacs! 

Competition is now CLOSED!!!! 

For now enjoy our favourite song at the moment which we can’t wait to watch Martin Garrix play live!

51 thoughts on “Win Tickets To Ultra SA For You And A Partner

  1. I would like to take my wife with to UltraSA, work commitments cut our valentines day short and I know for a fact UltraSa will make up for it, we are best friend and UltraSA reconnects us and we have the most fun together, we are Ultranuats!!

  2. A place where you can guarantee to experience good memories, great people and ofcourse AWESOME music, is only meant to be shared with someone who’s close to your heart. I would go with my lovely girlfriend because we are not only crazy about each other, but especially crazy about the talented Martin Garrix, Black Coffee & DJ Snake – who will be at Ultra 2017. Therefore we would love to see them in action, sharing the stage for our very first time ever!!

  3. I would take my best friend with me to UltraSA2017 in JHB. We have been friends for over 17 years and we both share the same love for electronic dance music. Whenever a pumping tune plays on the radio, we would send each other voice notes, singing and jamming to the song. We are super excited to see David Guetta live as well as our very own local guy, Timo ODV. Music unites people and I wouldn’t want to experience Ultra with anybody else.

  4. A place where you can guarantee to experience good memories, great people and ofcourse AWESOME music, is only meant to be shared with someone who’s close to your heart. I would go with my lovely girlfriend because we are not only crazy about each other, but especially crazy about the talented Martin Garrix, Black Coffee & DJ Snake – who will be at Ultra 2017. Therefore we would love to see them in action, sharing the stage for our very first time ever!!

  5. Picking just one person to take with me to Ultra seems like it would be a tough decision but honestly, it’s a no brainer. I’d take my partner in crime Monica (@fkamonica) cause she is one big ball of energy and groove should always be entered with her. She’s the ultimate music fan (second to me of course) and I know we’d have a jam cause we share similar music interests, we laugh at the same dumb things and we’d enter Ultra with no other purpose but to have fun (and maybe meet a boy or two).

  6. I would take my brother he is my best mate and it would be great to do something special for him. He always has my back and I appreciate him dearly. This would be perfect day spent for some bro bonding and maybe he could find a girlfriend.

  7. I would definitely take my cousin along with me! She has never attended ultra due to financial constraints and I know she would appreciate this more than anybody! The tickets will be made to excellent use because all we really wanna do is have fun, make memories & dance the night away!💃💛🍉

  8. #UltraSA2017 PLEASE.. I would take my bae as this will actually be the very 1st party we attend together and by the hype i can see it will be the most epic party and something really nice i would like to add on our list of events together.

  9. I would take my bf of over six years with me we have so much fun together and experienced Ultra last year for the first time. It was an absolute blast we would love to experience it again this year and enjoy the music, the atmosphere and the people. It would mean alot if I won these tickets :):shared on twitter my twitter handle is @b_balutto and followed all the steps 🙂

  10. I would definitely go with my bestie, she’s the only person I can trust to drop down low when the bass hits – from DJ SNAKE to BLACK COFFEE, MARTIN GARRIX, KSHMR, SHIMZA and many more we’d set each of the dance floors on fire; she’s my dance partner in crime and we’d love to win.

  11. I have no doubt in my mind that I would take my best friend Cathee Asulin. We are the BIGGEST David Guetta fans, it is his first time coming to South Africa and it is our dream to see him live! We would literally do anything to go to this year’s ultra! Please make our dream come true!

  12. I would take my mate Lindi Nkosi,who has been with me through our tertiary education struggles for many many years, exclusions and all lol.This year will be the end of it all and I feel like Ultra would be a great gift to celebrate the end of the most challenging era of our existence!!

  13. Well I’d take my fellow #Ultranaut @Zimkhithasoji because it will both be our first time attending the event. We sooooo really want to go. Seeing our fave DJ’s on one stage would be magical 😍😍💃 and a lifetime’s memory
    Nothing beats a great music experience with awesome company

  14. Who? The person i can always ‘Lean On’, my best friend of course Why? Because we’re ready to turn down for what!!! With campus back in full swing we won’t get another chance for a while!

  15. The question is who would I take to “ultra” and Why ? I would take my bestie to Ultra, why cause we are the craziest party animals ever, hence the face that their is no party if we are not their and to add to that the hottest line up has been put together… that means that it going to be legit for my crazy best friend and I to attend this #ULTRAFEST. NOTE: Every year about this time UlTRA happens, and yet we still #SingleAsAPringle therfore we decided to Postpone Valentines day so that we won’t be sobbing and eating ice cream on just because (as read above) #SingleAsAPringle but, we would be jamming to the sickest music you can get at Ultra 2017 in Johannesburg at the Expo Centre Nasrec Showgrounds #CRAZY #PARTY #ANIMALS #BESTIES #ULTRA #JOHANNESBURG #ULTRA #2017 Memories to remember… #ADVENTURE with #AverageSA

  16. You would not believe it or not but ive known my 2 best friends since I was yay high and I would give the world to them. They like my sister and brother I never had, those are the only 2 people I would take with me but why you ask… well long story short they must insane people ive met in my life what makes it worse is when we all together. We might be at a party but together we “3 MUSKATEERS” can make the party even bigger, we will make a EXPLOSIVE BOOM with our dancing and singing shinanigans… why I would take then once again I LOVE THEM TOO BITS!!!

  17. I have been planning this day for the past year, my girl and I have been together since forever… we been together I really don’t know how long (if she reads this post I guarantee that I’ll be murdered, BUT she won’t cause she don’t have Twitter) #BloodyMurder … so who I would take? would be #MyGirl and the reason? I want to take my girl and not my Homies, (Bro, I’m sorry… just so you know I’m also probably going to get kicked for that.)

    Reason: The past 365 days I’ve been planning this, planning to “POP the Question”… (I Gambled and prayed hard that her favourite EDM DJ would be by my Grace and Mercy playing at #ULTRASA2017. Hence, the fact I was blessed)… When her favourite DJ Invades and Ignites the stage with an explosive EDM track. I’ll get down on one knee and ask “Will you do the honours of making me the Happiest Guy in the World?”

    And that ladies and gentlemen will be the fate of my Future!!!
    #AverageSA_Blog #Familia #Lots_of_planning #365Days #1WeekLeft #7DaysAway #TooBeEngaged #Hopefully

  18. I would take my best friend @f_2chainz because we’ve been supporting to each other throughout Varsity. From cross nighting on campus and falling asleep at the library to failing modules and still not giving up. And even writing exams without showering because we were studying till the early mornings lol. We finally managed to get our Bcom qualification after 4 long years. Since we are such huge David Guetta and Black Coffee fans we would love to win the Ultra tickets as a graduation gift for all the hardwork we put in.

  19. I would take my best friend Nicole as my date to Ultra 2017. We’ve been best friends since the age of 5 and experienced many tears and laughs along the way. We became lovers for EDM since we were introduced to it back in 2012. Neither of us has ever gone to Ultra or an EDM event as our funds didn’t quite allow us. We’ve made a pact and decided that we wouldn’t go without one another if the opportunity should arise for either of us. I would really love to win Ultra tickets and surprise her. If it won’t happen this year then God willing we will try for 2018. This would really be an amazing experience for both of us and definitely one for the books.

    Kind regards

  20. I will be taking my Fiance Matshepo because its her birthday on the 3rd of March so it will be a good pre birthday gift. Plus she will be seeing her favourite DJ Snake :). A true blessed night for her.

  21. My Ultra partner would most definitely have to be my brother! He’s thee best rave partner in crime to have, plus it would be pretty awesome to see Martin Garrix, Dj Snake, KSHMR and Felix Jaehn

  22. My birthday is on the 27th Feb and i would really enjoy and be the most happiest person in the world to win these tickets and take them as my early birthday gift. I would take my older brother as me and him love music concerts and festival. He compliments my crazy and wild side. i can already picture me and him jumping up and down and having the time of our lives.

  23. I would take my Bestie, Mags with me. We have worked at Ultra every year and it would be so rad if we could actually GO to Ultra this year. She’s also one hella friend – and I think she deserves the world, but I’ll start by hopefully giving her this experience. It would be amazing, it’s our vibe and our crowd. We know all the music and all the DJ’s – and as students, it’s really too bad we could afford tickets this year. Winning tickets would be a dream come true.

  24. I have been a follower of your blog from the beginning and have enjoyed every post since then. I would really like to go to #UltraSA2017 with my best friend. It would be a great first jol of the year for us. She deserves all the love and spoiling in the world, she is someone I can always rely on and I have the utmost respect for her. She always puts her friends first no matter what and I would like to return the favour. I have also gotten her hooked onto the blog and she has been a subscriber for the past year. These tickets would really mean the world to us and seeing as she is a huuuuge fan of Martin Garrix her entire year would be made.

  25. I would take my colleague we have had quite the busy start to the year work wise and this would be a great break for us. All we need is one good party for the year and from what we hear Ultra is that party.

  26. I would take my best-friend to UltraSA with me, I would like to take him with me because soon he’ll be leaving for North Korea to go teach English. He’s my closest friend. We’ve been through a lot together, this would be the ultimate send off for him and what better place than UltraSA with worlds greatest dj’s?!

  27. I would take the bestest friend in the whole world, we have been friends since primary school. and this is one experience i would love to share with her. We love dancing and letting our hair down… this would be an awesome way to say thank you for years of friendship…

  28. 2016 was such an extraordinary crazy years, lots of changes lots of tears, laughs and more especially lessons!

    But my absolutely dream would be to take my best friend, partner in crime, my pillar of strength and my partyanimal- who stood by – and stands by me through thick and thin to the greatest music festival in SA!

    We are both in our final year at varsity this year and you would make our whole year if we won these tickets!’n

    United we are!!!!


  29. I would love to take my sister Melissa Bester to ultraSa with me🎉🎉🙌🙌
    It’s our last year in Varsity and because of that we are broke.. We really don’t want to miss the biggest party of the year and to win this tickets will make our year please please send us to ultraSa #JHB please please🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤

  30. Would take one of my best friends, Mark Gibbs! What can be better than great music, vibes and friendship! Will be awesome way for us stressed teachers to unwind!!! Be let out of the teaching cupboard for a change!!

  31. Hey,

    I would take my best friend Maggie because she rocks and I just hope this is one more memory that we can share together. As we get older, I realise that we only have a certain amount of time to experience all the things we want to. This is the last Ultra and I don’t think anyone will enjoy and appreciate it as much as we would. Thank you for your consideration. I’ll be holding thumbs and crossing fingers in the hopes that we win.

  32. I would definitely take my boyfriend, Kivash. We’ve been to the last two Ultra festivals before and it was honestly the best we’ve ever been to. He just completed his degree and winning these tickets would be the best surprise!
    We love Ultra, we love music, we love meeting new people and just having a good time!
    Please pick me! 😃

  33. I would totally take my sister who is also my bff, my dance partner, my ride or die. She just came back from working in the US for 2.5 years and I kid you not, in those 2.5years, I have not gone out partying or dancing cause she was the person I would do that with ALL the time. This would be THEEEEEE perfect way to get back into it and have a blast. It will be like old times and what better way to bring back the good old days than partying it uuuuuup at Ultra 2017 right?!!!! Crossing fingers 🙂 #cheerstothefreakenweekend #getmarthaandbecatoultra2017 #keepsmiling 🙂

  34. I would like to take my boyfriend to #UltraSa2017 JHB , he as never been to a concert and he is like me a huge fan of David Guetta and Martin Garrix

  35. I’m trying to win tickets to Ultra SA Cape Town, It’s my birthday tomorrow (23rd) and I’m broke due to January (which was like 6 months long, lol). I’d like to take my gf as she’s never experienced an Ultra before, nor has she been to any parties. Possibly the last days well be together as her parents don’t want us to be together lol (life).. Well, taking a long shot here. If I don’t win, then you can cass me ousside, how bow dah?

  36. Hey Guys i would defintely take my Girl to Ultra,Her Birthdays On the 24th of february,She’s loves Dash Berlin and watching him perform live at Ultra would BE THE PERFECT GIFT TO HER FORSURE(**,). I cant think of any better way to celebrate her birthday besides being at the biggest party of the year#UltraSA@AverageSA_BlogMakeOurDreamsComeTRUE*****

  37. Will take my other half with(Husband) as we a young couple and always do things together, from cooking,taking baby to the DR to getting down together in a club and laughing about it in the morning when treating the hangover…

  38. I’m going to to be so corny with this one, but I’d take my boy Mhlaba. He’s been in a bit of a slump lately, the “newly-graduated-but-can’t-find-work” slump and I think he needs the escapism. Even if it’s for a night. 🙂

  39. I would take my husband(of two months) with me because he is my Ultranaut, we do not have Ultra tickets this year, we have been to each Ultra SA so far..we hoping not to miss this one. It will be Ultra Amazing if we could go! And ultra sad if we don’t.. but never the less, in all honesty. We met each other for the first time at the 1st Ultra! 😍😬😍😬

  40. I would like to win the tickets so i can take my lovely Nancy it will be our first time and i want her to see here second favorite person in the world (LOL..) Martin Garrix and when you ask me WHY i say why wouldn’t i take her? Everyday when I wake up, I’m thankful for another chance to hear, see, and feel here again. Every time before I sleep, I pray that I’ll get that chance again the next day. Whenever I hear here voice, it’s like music to my ears that I can’t stop listening to.

    At times, I would think of us, still together, many years later, and me looking at her white hair and the wrinkles on here face and hands, and thinking: “I’m the luckiest man alive”. I sometimes think about our grand kids, and how I tell them stories about the amazing time we spent together, and how I wouldn’t exchange it for anything else.

    Whenever we fight, I throw away my ego, the pitiful problems, the nonsensical worries, the little things that don’t even matter. What matters is that we have a long way to go together, and I want us to grow to become the envy of the world. I want us to be asked: “What’s your secret on how you stayed together all these years?”, and well look at each other and say : “Because I love her/him, and always will” NANCY

  41. I would love to take my boyfriend to the ULTRASA17 because he is one crazy party animal that I love,he loves being around people who like to have fun,we both are DJ Snakes fans. He have the most fun together and also in a big crowd of people, we accommode everyone and also this would love this to also be his birthday present,I want him to have his time of his life, a blast and mol life and I am definitely sure that UltraSA will make up for that.
    Please please please do give us these tickets. I want my man to have his best time of his life.

    1. Cause this party is going to be of epic proportions I won’t be able to concentrate or be held responsible for the “get down”!

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