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Let’s Get 2017 Started – Happy New Year

It’s just another Sunday which just happens to be the start of a New Year. Instead of making new years resolutions I figured this is the year I will continue to build on the old ones until I perfect and complete them. Every year most of us start the year by setting new goals but we never really look back at the previous ones we set to see if have indeed achieved them. So this year instead of starting a new, my plans for 2017 are as follows:

1. Be More CommittedI need to be more committed and not have one foot out the door most of the time because I am afraid of failure. Instead I am going to give 100% to everything and take a look back at all the good things I have given up on and see how I can correct them and bring that lost joy back into my life. comittment

2. Single FocusI am one of those people that like to dabble in a lot of projects at once but this year I am going to only focus my attention on the major keys and work towards making those a success. Less clutter and more attention to the right things so that I in return can better help others to improve their skill sets.

3. Changed AttitudeLets just say I am going to stop acting like a know it all but rather shut up and listen more. If there is anything I have learned in 2016 is that the world changes every second and what works for me may not work for everyone else. Step outside of your own bubble every once in awhile and you will see that the world is not as it seems when in your own bubble. Travelling helps me embrace new things maybe it can work for you too in 2017.

4. Increased Faith
Look I am nothing without my faith. Whenever I find peace within, my life seems to move in the right direction and then I get cocky and think I got this, then I lose it all. So it’s simple really I need to be consistent in my faith and not only find it when times are tough but also when times are great. faith

5. Be Present I think 2016 has proved to us all that life truly is short. I need to be more present and spend more time with those that matter to me and stop being so busy all the time. I am always busy working, and stressing about life instead of just living and seeing what comes next. It might just be something spectacular but knowing me I will be too busy to notice it.

I guess all I want for 2017 is the strength to go through this thing called life sharing my smile with everyone I come across. Hope you all have a great 2017 and I truly hope you find that which you are looking for. Thank you for visiting my blog and for all the support, sometimes I feel like it’s just my mom that reads it but then I get amazing emails from some of you that make my year all the more amazing. You guys keep me inspired and motivated and I hope I can in turn do the same for you. new-year

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