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My Top 10 Favourite Things In Life

So a friend of mine on Twitter (Shout out to Noni), suggested that I do a post about my favourite things today, I guess so you guys can get to know me a little bit better. Seeing as I am a liker of many things, not turn up things but many other awesome things I figured I would chop it down to my top 10 favourite things in life outside of my family, faith and friends. Now that I am here about to write this post I can’t even remember more than 5 LOL but let’s hope by the end of this post I will have noted down the correct 10. Don’t you just find it weird how easy you forget the things you tend to love most or always do when you get asked about them. Anyway enough blah blah blah here are my favourite things in the order of most loved to most liked.

1. Tennis: Ever since I started paying tennis at the age of 8 I fell in love with the sports and kept playing until my early twenties (I was really good lol). Then I fell into a glass of alcohol at varsity and you know how the rest ends. These days I watch a lot of tennis OK I lie I watch tennis almost every single day when there are matches. I hardly ever miss a Rafael Nadal or Serena Williams match unless if I am super tired or busy with work. I’m hoping I go back to playing tennis soon because it is truly the love of my life. Nothing makes me more happier than watching or playing tennis.Serena & Rafa

2. My Blog: I have pretty much been an on and off blogger for about 6 years now until I decided to take it a bit more seriously about 3 years ago. My blog is the one place for me where I can honestly share my thoughts without having to feel like I have to please people or dumb myself down to make other people feel comfortable. Granted I get judged about the things I post from time to time but knowing that I have the freedom to do whatever the Fcuk I want, makes it all worth it. It has also been a great way for me to document the good in my life as I tend to dwell on my mistakes quite a lot and this space reminds me that I am doing OK, it really could be worse. Previously I used to write to please my readers and to get followers, that ended up stressing me and not making me happy but when I started to write for me, I enjoyed blogging more and turns out some of you prefer it that way.cropped-averagesa-cover

3. My Work: So for those of you wondering I do have a day job lol, I am a Digital Marketing Specialist by profession or as my title states a “Senior Digital Media Marketing Manager” shuuu that’s a lot. What I love though is not the title so much but the work I get to do. I have worked and currently work for some of the biggest entertainment brands in Africa and from time to time I get to put a smile on some of your faces through it even though you wouldn’t know that it was me. Other times I even get to change lives through my work. I love building others and in the past few years it has been my goal to always give people where I can that little push to help them achieve their dreams.

4. Travel: Man how I wish I could do more of this but budget simply does not allow (Dear God please can I win the Lotto). I love to travel I feel like you can only get a better understanding of people if you travel the world and see things from all worldly points of views and not just yours. I travel to simply become a better story teller, with my line of work and my blog included it is always key to give honest representation of everything I explore and I can’t do this by reading about it in a book, I can only do it by experiencing it. Like Saint Augustine said “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” At age 28 I have only been to 6 countries across Africa & Europe but now my ultimate goal before I travel to any other countries again is to travel through South Africa. I have already been to all 9 provinces in SA but haven’t really explored them all to my liking.tebz-travel

5. Food: Disclaimer I do not know how to cook (please don’t judge me, I can make basic meals), I am however a very good food critic thanks to having a chef in my family. I’m sure you guys have already noticed that I like to review a lot of foodie places whenever I get the chance (eating out everyday is expensive so can’t always do it). The challenge now though, is that I have decided to go vegetarian for a couple of months (trying new things, I kid it’s for health reasons), hopefully I will find all the best spots for Vegetarians across SA. I will still be posting about new awesome meaty restaurants as I always make sure to go out with a friend so I can get a variety of options for the blog, so all you meat lovers don’t worry I got you!

6. Manchester United: A lot of you know I love my football and there is no greater team than Manchester United. Outside of Rafael Nadal &a Serena Williams this is the only thing that can get my emotions all kinds of crazy. I can go from happy to pissed of real quick thanks to this team.

7. My Laptop & Phone: Well without these two I can’t really do some of my favourite things like blogging or work. So as much as I think I need to use them less, they help restore my sanity and bring me joy LOL. I am not much of a people’s person I have tried to be but that really isn’t my thing, I prefer to be alone in my little bubble with my gadgets. I actually need a new laptop sigh 🙁

8. Writing: I write a lot in my spare time anything from poetry to just my generic thoughts. I sometimes share some of my content here but I still have an entire book of poems which I am yet to share. Hopefully someday I will be brave enough to put them out for the world to see. That day unfortunately is not anytime soon LOL.

9. Avocados: This is pretty random I know but I think I may have n avocado addiction. I blame the Venda in me for this. If I could I would put avo’s in everything I eat. I would even make an avocado milkshake if that was a thing *I’m so gross, I know* ha ha ha. They technically fall under food lol but felt they needed their own shout out!

img_199110. Wine: Look I like all grapes but just prefer them to be white wine. Guys it’s wine there’s nothing much to say about it LOL, a glass every once in a while will do you good.

These are the 10 constants in my life I like a lot of other things but these are the ones that hardly ever change. People that know me well know that these 10 things are my go to always. Buying me gifts or surprising me is really simple. Give me something I can write about, eat, visit, watch or do LOL see, simple. picshells

Rafel Nadal & Serena Williams Image courtesy of The Daily Mail.

20 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favourite Things In Life

  1. i enjoyed reading and getting to know more about you besides the blog’s name that has inspired me to write something south Africa minded soon..what do you think of Roger Federer?the swiss here see him as a hero but recently i was told sponserships are where he is making a lot of money..he can be seen in many ads. he just doesnt seem to lose..i dont watch any sports except gymnastics and diving . please check out my vegeterian eating posts. i recently discovered on youtube two lovely ladies who explain in a very nice easy to follow way how to eat right as a vegeterian. i shared some. Proteins and vegies are key. carbs are a trap.
    good luck on your vegeterian path. i heard African diet is a lot of meat but so is 99% of the world and a change is coming .i hope.

    1. I’m glad you are inspired look forward to your post. Roger Federer is one of the greatest players the game has ever had, he is almost reaching his expiry date on the court so his sponsorship’s are what he focuses on now most of the time and he just has that timeless appeal. I will definitely check out your vegetarian posts. Lol Africans love meat so it was a shocker to a lot of people when I told them I am changing my diet, it’s just for a couple of months though not forever. 🙂

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