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Guest Post: Setting Your 2018 Goals By Baxolise Mfidi

Don’t let anyone shame you into not setting your 2018 New Year’s resolutions. January is a great way to set yourself up for a successful and resilient year, and even if you don’t see all of your goals to finish, it is really true that the biggest crime would have been to not start at all. Also, better to aim for the stars and land on the clouds than to give up on yourself completely or give up on the year and your personal/professional goals so early.

Perhaps with your 2018 goals, look at where you see yourself this time next your or whichever month in 2019. Only looking at this year often leads to increased pressure to do a lot in a short period of time. Whether it’s one big goal or a long list with lifestyle challenges, financial freedom, checking off from that bucket list or doing more of a long lost favourite activity, whatever it is, how long it takes you is not nearly as important as taking it on and finishing. So allow your 2018 new year’s resolutions to travel, get in shape, purchase something new, etc. to flow into 2019. Rome was not built in a day, look at how this goal could affect your current lifestyle, for example, weight loss is tied to healthy eating which is more so a life goal than a new year’s resolution, meaning that the achievement can only be measured overtime and continuous.

Why you plan on accomplishing anything is also a very important question to answer to yourself. However supposedly simple or surface level it is, knowing the intension gives you the vision to keep on pursuing it. The more clear and honest you are on why you want to do anything – whatever your reasoning – the easier it may be to be disciplined in your consistency towards achieving it.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away then one action today will keep your goals in sight. Every day should be an opportunity to do something, anything, which contributes to at least one resolution or goal. If you’re looking for a job, one job application a day (or more) could increase the chances of getting the job you’re looking for. If you’re looking to get back to the gym, a jog around the block, swim in the pool or simple living room workout can substitute a gym session you had to miss out on because of work or other responsibilities. If you’re trying to read more, as little as a page or chapter a day can also do the trick. The objective is to create some kind of daily excitement for yourself, something to look forward to that is a service to yourself and the goals you set in this new year.

All things considered, there are two things to always keep in mind with how you go about actioning on your set goals. Both may have a huge impact on your consistency and ability to successfully achieve your objectives. They are time and money. Putting yourself top of the priority list, take an honest look at your typical weekday and weekend tasks and schedule. How much time is full of wasted hours you could use for fulfilling your resolutions? However much time you find, playing with that time, moving it around to allow you to do more and have a chance to breathe in between those times will be of great value to your overall plan of action.

When you get your time right, your finances are directly affected. Why? What you spend your time and energy on affects how much money you use, whether that is with your household, social life, professional aspirations, caring for others or staying at home – pay attention to how it affects your pocket and where you need to pour more or less time/energy.

The cardinal rule here is to pay attention to you and the vision you have for the life that is waiting for you. There is no guarantee that that life will show up for you immediately, over some time or ever at all, and that is okay because the gift and self-belief that comes from honouring a commitment to yourself is the fuel that keeps you pumped up and charged to resolve all of your resolutions.

Your turn now, in the comments below, share your New Year’s resolution(s), your plan of action or why you did/didn’t set your goals for this year.

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