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Has Your Career Become Stagnant?

Are thoughts about your career becoming stagnant starting to cloud your mind on a regular? If yes then you are most probably going through that “what have I done with my life,” phase we all go through at least once or twice a year. This tends to happen when we no longer experience that adrenaline rush and excitement of accomplishing something great at work/life. What this means is that your job has become repetitive and predictable and it’s time to make some new and improved changes to it. Key signs of your career becoming stagnant would be 1) Those thoughts I mentioned earlier, 2) your performance levels dropping, 3) you have become too comfortable and uninspired.
sydneyNow my advice to you is simple get your shit together because there is always someone who wants/needs what you have and they are most likely more hungry to get it! So you my friend need to do the following:

1. Refresh your goals every 6 months: Set up new goals to challenge you, if your end goal is to get a BIG PROMOTION then set up 3 steps on how you going to get there and always work at getting over each step If the promotion doesn’t come after all steps, then go back to the drawing board, your goals should be adjustable.

2. Be honest with yourself: Be realistic in your goal setting, a lot of times I talk to people who have super high goals but they have not or are not willing to work on improving themselves in order to reach those goals. I’ve seen lots of people turn down small jobs because they feel they are too below them, when they don’t even have the experience for the Job they think they deserve. People want to be managers without any experience in managing, STOP THIS! Be honest with yourself or you will set yourself up for failure!
3. Have at least 3-4 driving factors for your career: A lot of people work just for the money then end up miserable because they realise that the money isn’t the only important thing or it’s just not enough anymore. There are many factors that will influence your happiness in the working environment so make sure you have at least another three outside of the money that will always keep you motivated to want to work harder!

4. Take time to reflect: I know they say leave the past in the past but sometimes when it comes to your work you have to compare where you are to where you were from time to time to see if there is any improvement. If not then you need to make some serious changes. Try look for common behaviours that might need some change or improvement. Too many people move from job to job without any improvement in the actual job itself, that’s not growth that’s just you moving around helplessly.

5. Stop looking for validation from everyone: Share your dreams/goals with a few people, everyone wants to see you do good but never better than them. Learn that with passion comes sacrifices and sometimes we have to drop certain people to achieve our goals. Always looking for people to validate and tell you your goals and dreams are achievable may lead to you getting feedback that holds you back so be careful!Nick

Anyway like I said some of you just need to stop seeking validation and just get your shit together! Great people want to collaborate with like-minded people, If you want something you have to work hard for it because we all want to be great and what sets us apart is the effort we all put into achieving that greatness!

7 thoughts on “Has Your Career Become Stagnant?

  1. Brilliant piece AverageSA!

    It’s absolutely true of your [Southern Africa’s] mental stagnation in its energy supply & delivery systems & parastals. If ‘this is all we know’, the my theory goes, and ‘this is the “best” we can expect’, then that’s all one will get.

    The only true barrier to achieving the region’s energy security desires is collective mental stagnation of the majority of the people themselves. Many good people with the passion to realize different, but locked behind the ‘majority imposed walls’.

    90% of my rational/reasoning for this –> <– reverse who the 'majority' thinkers are. πŸ™‚

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