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Lekki Conservation Centre Nigeria

Another day another adventure, this time we explored the Lekki Conservation Centre in Lagos. It’s an initiative to protect the wildlife and mangrove forests found on Nigeria’s South-West coastline from the threat of urban development and it’s extremly beautiful. We walked through the forrest and took a brave walk up the monkey bridge to the top of the conservation which was scary but fun! Along our walk we only spotted lots and I mean lots of monkeys and no ther animals :(. The conservation is a beautiful stop from the hustle and bustle of the city and one should really take the time to go and meditate there. Absoulutely stunning rain forrest, I do think it could be better maintained. The savannah section of the conservation has a lot of potential for more family friendly activities, it looked really run down which was sad to see!

Entrance fee was N1000/$5 which would be reasonable if the conservation was maintained better, they could even charge more in that case. The tour guide was amazing and insightful, unfortunately the lack of signage in the conservation let him down all that pointing with all of us going where, where, where was surely super tiring! The rain forrest is a beautiful Lagos gem and a definite must see, lovely experience and I’m so glad the weather cleared up for our visit!

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  1. Seems like one of those typical catch-22 conservation stories – they need more visitors to get enough income for upkeep and maintenance, yet more people won’t come while the reserve is in a dilapidated state. Same thing happens at many South African reserves. That’s sad, as your photos show just what a wonderful place this is!

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