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5 Steps To Making Your CV Look Great


So one thing I always get asked a lot by people that I mentor is, what to write on their CV/Resume when applying for a job. So I figured I will give you guys my 5 tips to making your CV look great. Hope this helps you.

STEP 1: Identify What The Employer Is Looking For – So everything from skill set,experience  and personality read through the job descriptions and assess if you are a suitable candidate. If you are then make sure your CV reflects that which the employer is looking for as this is the criteria against which your CV will be assessed.

STEP 2: Be Descriptive & Detail Your Accomplishments – The job market is extremely competitive so make sure your CV stands out from the rest. Your CV needs to reflect who you are and all your accomplishments in detail don’t be shy to BRAG employers are looking for the best so make sure your CV reflects that you are! I see a lot of people who only simply list their current and past employers,job titles, and general responsibilities, guys that is not going to cut it anymore! Rather give too much information because I can tell you now NO ONE looks twice at an undescriptive CV, all it does is show the employer that you are not confident enough in your craft to even mention it!Timeline_Cover_doNotRename82

STEP 3: Check Your Spelling & Grammar  -There is nothing more annoying than having to read a CV that has spelling and grammatical errors. These errors reflect a lack in motivation for your own work which in turn shows that you will be just as careless in any other future ventures.

Just so you guys know how important this step is, see below how I just lost a reader for not following this simple step and double checking my article. Who knows how many others thought the same thing? 

 STEP 4: Highlight Important Key Words – This is something I started doing recently, make sure you highlight certain keywords that make your CV stand out. Eg: if you are applying for a Digital Marketing Job make sure you highlight key-words that are relevant to that position in your CV. The reason for this is, being that we live in a digital age most companies do search and look for employee recommendations online and you want to make sure you pop up in those searches.

STEP 5: Be Active Online – Make sure you have signed up to job portals like Linkedin and you have completed your profile 100%. Share industry related content with others in your field and learn as much as you can from them, this will keep you clued up about the industry and give you that extra edge over everyone else. Do your research and stay updated. Google yourself every once in awhile to see what pops up, if it’s bad then work on fixing your online profiles and make sure they reflect who you are!

These are my 5 tips that I think everyone should take into consideration, there are plenty more tips and tricks like making your CV pretty and all that jazz but if you don’t have the basics in place then the pretty won’t matter. If you have any tips please share them below in the comments section! Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Unfortunately I stopped reading after the first 3 spelling mistakes in your article. Also check your formatting of your headings, as number 3 the final ‘r’ in grammar is not in bold, as the rest of the heading is.

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