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Brian Lara, Restaurant Review

Brian Lara is a Caribbean restaurant in Linden that gets quite a lot of hype, which is exactly why I had to go try it out for lunch and boy was that a great idea. If you are looking for delicious soul-warming and deep-flavoured, Caribbean food and banging rum cocktails then this is the perfect spot.

The food is fragrant, boasting a straightforward menu, you can enjoy divine dishes like the  Jerk Chicken, Seafood Curry, Rump Steak, Crispy Fish and Mussel Pan all served with either coconut rice, seasonal vegetables, fries, and other delish sides.

For our lunch we tried the:

Rump Steak –  an absolutely sensational steak cooked to perfection.

Fried Fish – Most Fish and Chips dishes tend to be quite oily or over coated but this dish was amazing just pure simplicity performed perfectly.

Peri Peri Wings –  Nice crispy skin, delicious jerk spices and juicy meat on the inside. Give me more.

Chicken Salad – a dish that was pure joy, it was so flavourful, fresh, clean and crispy and the chicken melted in your mouth.

There is something significant that is worth pointing out about the food served at Brian Lara. Caribbean cuisine is not exactly notorious for being healthy – it is usually on the heavy side, so it was an awesome surprise how light these dishes were.

The chef and staff all deserve a special shout out as they made sure the restaurant was full of positive vibrations and excellent food.

Make your way to Brian Lara today and enjoy a Caribbean twist in the heart of Linden. It’s going to be worth it and better than most food you can get in the neighbourhood.

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