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Karibu Cafe At Karibosana Linden, Review

A favourite of both locals and visitors to Linden, Karibosana which means “most welcome” in Swahili, is truly a very welcoming place for a great meal and celebrating the local craftsmanship in South Africa. To celebrate Women’s Day, my partner and I started our day at Karibu Cafe  for a delightful brunch and man was it delicious. It was a great start that set the mood for the rest of our day.

Karibu Cafe’s menu leans heavily on locally sourced seasonal ingredients while offering breakfast favourites such as poached eggs, bacon, omelettes, pancakes and lunch options inspired by our African heritage. For our brunch date we enjoyed the:

Croissant: Bacon and fried egg.  The best I have ever eaten and that says a lot since croissant breakfast sandwiches are my go to breakfast meal to order. The warm, buttery, flaky croissant was pure perfection and the bacon and egg filling was well balanced. This was my first breakfast croissant with a friend egg and not scrambled and all I can say is I am definitely a fan.

Broken Egg: Poached Eggs, Bacon Fingers on avocado and caramelised onions, smashed toast. All the ingredients were fresh and the flavours mind blowing. My partner would high recommend this dish everyday. The fact that he wanted us to return a few hours later to have the same meal again says a lot. Absolutely Spectacular.

Drinks: Watermelon Lemonade and Passionfruit Surprise. Even the drinks here are awesome. The Watermelon Lemonade was so refreshing and perfect for the sunny day. The Passionfruit Surprise was not on the menu but they made my partner something special as he was craving a simple passion fruit and lemonade. They don’t basic here so always expect amazing.

Do your self a favour and go to this amazing restaurant in Linden. Not only is the service unmatched, the owner Caroline is super amazing and makes the whole experience worthwhile. You can look at spending anywhere from R200 – R300 for a meal for two including 2 drinks each. Crazy right! What an EPIC Place. Can’t wait to be back here soon.



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