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Goddess Cafe Linden, Review

Sometimes the things that are right under your nose are the easiest to miss. How many times have I dined in Linden, not far from where I live, without noticing the beautiful Goddess Cafe. Luckily, my partner brought it to my attention recently, and yesterday we  gave it a try. Goddess Cafe, provides an ideal setting to host brunch and celebrations such as baby showers, high teas and birthdays. It is unpretentious, simple and offers a slowed-down lifestyle with the best personalised service. All that PINK is a bonus as it give you the prettiest backdrop for making memories and to all my foodie influencer’s it’s perfect for Instagram.

For our lunch date we kept things simple by enjoying a delicious Bacon, Avocado and Feta Sandwich as well as the Margarita Pizza.

Toasted Bacon, Avocado and Feta Sandwich: Anything that involves a form of bread is going to be good here and this sandwich is no exception. It has bacon, avocado, feta, and a delicious vinaigrette. It all comes together on their excellent sour dough bread. It’s beautiful to look at, and even more fun to eat.

Margarita Pizza: A pizza that can go very wrong in many ways if not done right. Yes, it’s simple but here the balance of the ingredients and the quality was spot on. The addition of the edible flower petals was a lovely unique touch.

Other items on the menu include breakfast bowls, yummy cakes, epic toasted sandwiches, pizzas, wholesome salads, grills and burgers. Enjoy your meal with their colourful cocktails or some bubbles. They also have a cute pooch menu so bring your pooch along for a little fun and delight.

Gooddess Cafe is a meeting place, a memory, a feeling and a celebration. It encourages people to relax and feel comfortable and you should book your next brunch here soon. You can look at spending anywhere between R250-R700 for meals for 2 and drinks.

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