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I Went Meat Free For A Month. Here’s What I Learned!

As a start to the year 2021, I decided to take on the Fry’s Family Food Co Veganuary pledge, which meant I had a meat free January, that’s 31 days on a plant based diet. To be honest I didn’t really think I would be able to go the whole month without any meat but to my surprise, here I am one month meat free! Here’s everything that I learned in the last 31 days and my favourite meat free dishes!

The Lessons 

  1. When starting off for the first week or so you will feel a little more hungrier than usual without the meat but your mind will get used to your new eating patterns and you will adjust so don’t give up just keep at it.
  2. It’s very important to start small, don’t just go cold turkey on meat, rather ease yourself into the plant based diet so that you don’t find yourself binging on meat or other junk the second it is offered to you.
  3. I think the best part of going plant based is getting a much improved digestion overall. This made me feel less bloated, I felt more energised and my favourite jeans started to fit perfectly lol. I Love it.
  4. #Veganuary has been great on my skin, eating more fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains loads you up with antioxidants that are great for your skin, it gives you that glow.
  5. I feel happier, I didn’t think this one was possible but somehow my mood has been on a high on a regular throughout January.
  6. I will continue on this plant based diet even post Veganuary for a few more weeks or months as I am loving all the great health benefits, for now I am not ready to get back on meat (I don’t really miss it) but we will see how everything goes over the next few months.

The Dishes 

One of my favourite lunch time meals to have was a simple Mushrooms and Cherry Tomatoes Open Sandwich:
* 3 sliced in half sautéd cherry tomatoes 
* 6 sliced in half sautéd Button Mushrooms

My second favourite dish to make during #Veganuary was all the different meat free wraps I created using some of the delicious Fry’s Vegan Food. My all time favourite wrap was the Fry’s Meat Free Mice Wrap with chickpeas, cashew nuts , red lettuce, mushrooms, avocado, and pumpkin. Pure deliciousness!! 

One meal that everyone enjoyed when I made it was my Fry’s Meat Free Chicken Nugget Salad with chickpeas, carrots, lettuce, cashew nuts, avocados and other delicious greens. I really didn’t expect the kids to love it as much as they did but it was a hit and has now become a weekly regular.

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