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Dinner At Foundry Parktown North

When more than one person tells you that a restaurant is amazing, you should probably believe them I guess. Well last night I trusted all the reviews and made sure I go have dinner at Foundry in Parktown North with a couple of friends. Best decision I have made in awhile I must say, geez why have I always gone past this place??? It’s so amazing and it totally lives up to all the reviews, it’s actually so good that I am going back there tomorrow for lunch. I know some of you must think I am crazy because no place can be that good right lol but Foundry really is. Everything from the vibe, the service, the food, the drinks all perfect.

Firstly it’s in a vibrant hub which makes the vibe all kinds of spicy and fun, we picked an outside table and it made the evening all the more perfect, you guys know how much I love people watching LOL. I saw all kinds of characters last night and lots of gorgeous men hang out here ladies( you can thank me later). Once we got settled our lovely waitress made sure we never had to wait to be served she was so on the ball and attentive all evening.

I must say my friends and I really enjoyed the drinks menu and they have all my favourite Babylonstoren wines which made me super happy, opted for the Rose last night. They also have a great selection of craft beers for ll you beer lovers, my friend totally fell in love with the Naked Mexican, he likes his beers light and this one was exactly that. When it comes to the food you can expect loads of rustic flavours on the menu. We opted to keep it simple with, the Mushroom Ravioli which is filled with field mushroons, feta, spring onions, pine nuts in a sage & truffle sauce. The Wagyu Burger which according to my friend it was the best burger he has ever had and the Jamaican Jerk BBQ Ribs & Frites. All those meals were Heaven on a plate.




I have never been to a place that can successfully satisfy everyone I am with. There is always that one friend that gets a shitty experience but not this time! Happiness all around lets hope it’s just as good when I go there for lunch tomorrow. Great place, great service, great food make sure you budget for it though it’s not cheap but you are getting great value for your money.

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  1. I frickin’ love this place! I went on my mini food tour of Joburg (44 Stanley, Parkhurst and Parktown) and am planning a visit back when I am next over your way. If their Soy Squid and their Chroizo Bravas are any indication of the quality of the menu, I may have to go back multiple times to sample it all!!!

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