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Lunch At Trabella Pizzeria Illovo Ends Up In A Robbery

So yesterday was almost the perfect Wednesday afternoon, sun was out, birds were singing and meetings were few. Which meant that my colleague and I could take a break and go catch up over lunch somewhere outside of the office. Our place of choice was going to be 86 Public in Illovo but due to our terrible GPS skills we ended up at Trabella Pizzeria instead. Looking at the restaurant from first glance it really didn’t seem like a bad choice and once seated, it ended up being the perfect way to spend our afternoon break. The service was lovely our waitress was super friendly, kind and just made sure we have a good experience. Once settled we ordered our lunch Pizzas of course, with everything from Avocado, Bacon and Sun-dried Tomatoes. The afternoon was looking great, the food was delicious and seemed like nothing could go wrong until we were about to leave.

We requested our bill all happy faced and relaxed, then we got hit but something that was totally unexpected. We got robbed in broad day light! A couple of guys driving around in a Silver BMW posing as customers walked by our table, grabbed the phones on the table, then jolted back to the car and drove off. It all felt like something that you only see in the movies but it totally just happened in reality. The thieves pushed our poor waitress over when reaching for the phones leaving her in complete shock unable to move or even speak. At this moment we were all so shocked that all we could do after a few minutes is just laugh it off and be grateful that it was just phones that they took and nothing more. This morning when I woke up I still couldn’t believe what happened, it was all just so fcuked up! I really hope the Trabella team bump up security outside their restaurant as it seems to be a highly targeted spot from what I hear from other mates that have experienced something similar (Which is sad because Trabella is a lovely place). This is the season for petty thieves to be out in numbers so please be careful when you are out this summer, be cautious of your surroundings and keep your valuables off the table! What a way to get back to blogging LOL Life, Happy Thursday Everyone!!

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  1. So sorry to hear that this happened. Shame for what had been a nice outing to end in such a terrible way, but at least no one was seriously injured, so that’s one piece of good news. Wishing you well.

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