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Babylonstoren Farm Hotel

Another weekend well spent at the beautiful Babylonstoren Farm Hotel. As one of the oldest Dutch Farms this stylish and elegant hotel with it’s thick whitewashed walls, elegant gables and hearty fireplaces offers a pure authentic holiday experience. The rooms are enormous (I swear you could fit like 4 people in one room lol) and and the eight acres of cultivated fruit and vegetable gardens surrounding them provide fresh aromas that will help you enjoy a calming peaceful sleep. The farm hotel has lots of outside activity areas like the outdoor swimming pool and a hot spa area that includes a salt room, sauna and hot pool, tranquility at it’s best.




Reasons to book a stay here now:

It’s tranquil
The service is a solid 10/10
Everything from the water to the food is fresh(mountain water) and freshly picked from the gardens
The farm wine selection is absolutely divine and there’s a new champagne addition to the collection called Sprankel
There’s no other place in South Africa as peaceful as Babylonstoren
You are bound to meet people from all walks of the world
This blog post really doesn’t do it justice, there’s just so much to share I will break it into different posts

You can read about the Farm Restaurant Babel here from our last review – BABEL AT BABYLONSTOREN

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