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2 Delicious Dishes To Pair With The Castle Lager Double Malt

When it comes to pairing food with beverages, beer can often be overlooked in place of wine. Think about when you go out to restaurants the menus tend to suggest food and wine pairings and none with beer. To us this concept is pretty ridiculous when you consider the amount of beer drinkers in SA. In  some instances beer pairs better with food than wine as it has a more diverse range of flavours and can really add the ‘wow’ factor to the food you’re eating. Don’t believe us? Why not try these delicious combos with Castle Lager Double Malt.  You can thank us later.

Castle Lager Double Malt, combines two carefully selected South African malts from Caledon and Alrode to bring you a superior lager. The combination of these two special malts and the Castle brewmaster’s expertise is the secret to a perfectly balanced beer that has full body, creamy foam, and a rich golden colour.

Sesame Fried Chicken Tacos, the explosion of flavours and freshness of the pineapple habanero, coriander, onions and chipotle lime salsa is the perfect blend to enjoy with an ice cold Castle Lager Double Malt. The beer brings out the underlying and exotic flavours in the chicken.

Spicy Braised Beef Short Rib Tacos with pickled red onion, sliced radish and cilantro, the malt connects perfectly with the flavours in the meat. The beer cuts through the richness of the beef and refreshes the palate.

The premium taste of the Castle Lager Double Malt is paired with the premium feel, making every day a celebration of success. Get your hands on the beer now, available in all major retail outlets and online on Takealot, and the Bottles app for R79.99 for a six pack.

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