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Salsa Mexican Grill Loftus Park, Review

Mexican food is so much more varied and diverse than many South African’s realise, and that is beautifully illustrated in the variety in the Salsa Mexican Grill’s Menu. For someone who only thinks about tacos and nachos when I hear Mexican Food, I am glad I ventured out to try something new and boy did I love it. On the menu you will find everything from the Mexican classics to delicious steaks, prawns, calamari and soups.

Located at Loftus Park, dining at Salsa Mexican Grill is a multi-sensory experience. Dishes like the Grilled Arrachera Sirloin with Salsa and Acapulco Quesadillas which have chicken, mozzarella, tangy pineapple salsa and caramelised onions, have put them on the map in a big way in my eyes! Inspired by simple yet delicious authentic Mexican flavours, you are bound to enjoy everything on the menu. They offer live music on special occasions and specialise in gigantic margaritas jugs that are almost a meal by itself, great to share with a group of friends. For the tequila lovers, what would a Mexican Restaurant be without Tequila? Here you will find a variety of tequilas and even some hand crafted new flavours that are bound to make you rock.

When it comes to service I must say things were a bit slow, slightly irritating at times and from what I understand the day before was Cinco De Mayo, so everyone was a bit beat from the celebrations but for an establishment like this I would expect great service to always be a norm regardless. I would definitely recommend Salsa Mexican Grill for a great time out with friends, try out the cocktail jugs, tequila games and share the platters so you can experience more of the amazing flavours in the food.

Great place, you can look at spending R400 for two including a meal and drink, the tequila shots do end up racking up the bill so be prepared for that. Now for me to try out the other Salsa Mexican Grill’s in Johannesburg, I hope they are just as amazing.

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