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My Favourite Bars & Party Spots In Bali, Indonesia

Bali is mostly known for it’s amazing tourist attractions like the temples, waterfalls, caves, beaches and markets but no one ever tells you about its EPIC nightlife scene. Luckily for me because I was travelling with a bunch of fun loving party heads we ended up exploring as many bars and party spots as we could. Some of these places are so much fun you might just end up going back there over and over again, hello La Favela lol.

Here is my list of some epic spots to try out that have amazing cocktails, good vibes and are easy on the pocket. Tip: If you want to save money when partying in Bali don’t buy shots, shots are super expensive, some are even more expensive than drinks! 

Best Cocktails: Motel Mexicola // La Plancha 

Delicious fruity cocktails and lots of tequila are in order at Hotel Mexicola & La Plancha. La Plancha serves up the most delicious fruity cocktails that you can enjoy on the beach while watching the sunset. While Motel Mexicola gives you young, funky and a whole lot of tropical and refreshing classics that you can enjoy with some mouth watering spicy tacos. 

Best Dance Life: La Favela

Party people, if dancing, flirting and having a good old time until the early hours of the morning is your thing then La Favela is a definite must do. Unlike most night clubs it actually has a very refreshing and relaxed style and the outdoor areas with their jungle flare are bound to bring out your wild side. Sexy guys and gals,  is what you can expect here (be careful you might just fall in love). Guys no sleeveless tops are allowed, make sure you wear a shirt otherwise you will end being scammed into buying one outside for a ridiculous amount. Cocktails and other drinks are reasonably priced here, just don’t order the shots they are on another level of expensive as with most places in Bali.

Best Cheap Drinks & Chilled Vibes: Sea Vu Play // Nirvana // Meja (Single Malt Whiskey)

If you are a fan of specials and live bands then Sea Vu Play, Nirvana & Meja are a good choice. Buy 1 get one free specials are a regular thing here and the live bands sometimes get it right and sometimes not so much, but you can always put in your own special request when you not feeling the music lol. You are bound to meet lots of expats and make new friends as these seem to be their regular hangout spots. Nirvana also makes some kick ass burgers so try those out with an ice cold Bintang when you stop by. Once Meja closes you can always go upstairs to Single Malt Whiskey and enjoy you free drink courtesy of Meja – play a game of pool and try out over 60 different whiskeys (this is not cheap though). When it comes to Sea Vu Play you guys should know how we feel about that place by now it’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!! 

There are lots of other hip and happening  spaces in Bali but  it would take you a whole year to explore every single one.  These were our go to places during our holiday because they are cheap and we ended up making a whole bunch of friends there. I so can’t wait to be back in Bali soon!! 

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