An Immersive Lunch Experience With Soul Travellers

So this past Thursday we were invited on an immersive food & culture journey through Johannesburg with Soul Traveller Tours in what was a beautiful afternoon of connecting with fellow travellers and creating lasting memories. Our food journey started of with a magical clash of the cultures with delicious cuisines from across Africa at Yeoville Dinner Club with Chef Sanza as our host. Take heart! There were so many delicious dishes that all had their own unique flavours, textures and colours, I guess Chef Sanza is what you would call a Magnificent Magician when it comes to food, actually from here on forth I now dub thee “Sanza The Magnificent.”My favourite part about the whole experience was the  intimacy of dining around one single table with a group of people from all corners of the world, while sharing stories about the history of Yeoville and some of it’s divine dishes. The art features, the foggy weather, the cosiness, the historical architecture and the electric Yeoville vibe all blended perfectly together in creating a theatrical lunch experience. For our lunch Sanza had prepared:

Mozambican Fried Fish, it was perfectly fried, juicy and packed with flavours. Cow Feet know as Amanqina locally which had a sweet jam basting, they were quite a hit as that bowl was emptied within seconds.  These delicious meaty dishes were served with Nigerian & Ghanaian Jollof Rice (Nigerian Jollof will always be my favourite lol), Red Cabbage Salad, Cassava, the best Magwinya’s I have ever had in my entire life they were so good I had two LOL and lots of other delicious dishes and powerful flavours. For dessert we we treated to delicious Poached Pears served with a yummy pear wine reduction and yoghurt. The lunch was world class and we experienced flavours from a variety of countries. I enjoyed every second of it.

For our second part of the experience we headed out to Hangout Jozi at the famous 1 Ellof Street. Back in the day this street had some of the greats of South Africa frequent it on a regular basis, everyone from world class musicians, businessmen and even presidents. Ellof Street has seen it all and now you can get a bit of this history at the awesome Hangout Jozi, enjoy some quality local Gin Cocktails over stimulating conversations with the locals, and shop for unique art fixtures and fashion.

These rather special experiences are not something you can find in a brochure but rather you can book affordable group tours through Soul Traveller Tours where they take you through some of the best hidden secrets of South Africa while connecting you with likeminded people in the process. Wether you are looking to travel across different provinces or experiences different cultures, Soul Travellers will always make sure to take you on an unforgettable journey. Beautiful afternoon spent with beautiful people. Looking forward to our next adventure together!

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