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Dinner At Jaxx Restaurant, Hilton

For our last supper in Hilton we randomly stumbled upon Jaxx Restaurant while walking through the Quarry Centre. Once we had a look at the menu we were happy with the choices and decided to get a table right by the fire place. Seeing as we were all super tired we wasted no time in ordering our drinks which was Rooibos Tea for everyone since the whole team was suffering from a terrible cold. Once Our tea arrived (I must say our waiter was super slow) we then went on to order our supper and the options we went for were:

Lamb Curry: it was spiced up, packed with flavour and the perfect portion. The curry was served with perfectly fluffy steamed rice, which made this meal a solid winner for the evening. If you are ever in Hilton I would recommend that you go and try the curries at Jaxx. 

Chicken Escalope: crumbed chicken breast with bacon, honey mustard sauce and avocado. The chicken was all kinds of  juicy on the inside and golden brown on the outside. I wasn’t a big fan of the honey mustard sauce would have preferred it on the side and not all over my chicken.  The avocado which was on the side wasn’t ripe (Order your avo’s from Venda lol) but I am pretty sure on any other day if you just add mushroom sauce and some delicious ripe avo’s the meal would be perfect.

When it comes to the service, like most small towns it was pretty slow which was annoying but I guess the delicious food made up for it. Unlike other small towns though, the Jaxx menu is a bit on the pricey side, you can look at spending R450 for two. All in all it is a lovely little spot, it’s a little hidden so if you go to the Quarry Centre just look for the Woolworths and you will find Jaxx right next to it. 

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