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Exploring Phuket Night Market, Thailand

Shopping sounds like a daunting experience but you reconsider it when you know you’re going to get the best bargains. Saturday and Sunday are the best days to dedicate to Phuket night market (so we were told), we decided to explore the market on Saturday Night because of FOMO. Everyone talks about the night market and how everything is on sale for half price. But does it really apply to tourists? Probably not, you’re still going to get pretty ripped off if you don’t know how to negotiate.

It’s going to cost you about a 1000 Baht from Patong to Phuket Night Market by Tuk Tuk and it’s about a 30 minute drive. Once we arrived we were  pretty shocked to discover that there was no city Wi-Fi around the market because almost everywhere you go in Patong there’s Wi-Fi. I guess they want your attention to be on the market and not on updating fans and friends about what you’re getting up to.

First thing first, you need to try the market food. There’s a lot of stalls that sell different food (mostly Thai and Chinese) and you get so overwhelmed because you’re spoilt for choice. One thing you need to try though is their ice street homemade ice cream and pancakes. Not only  are they delicious but the process during the making of them is also quite fascinating. Taste as many food as you like but the trick is to buy small portions so you still have an appetite to try more things.

There’s a lot of stalls that sell clothes, accessories, Thailand products. Anything you can possibly imagine at a reasonable price. There’s also a lot of knock off brands sold there from LV to Versace but you can’t really tell the difference unless if you’ve been to a real LV shop. So it’s really up to you what you want to buy but remember to keep negotiating the prices if you feel like it’s a rip off. The friendly Thai people are so loving and understanding and will give you value for money.

Remember to stay hydrated when you’re there, it gets super packed and the heat is not pleasant at all. I would say all you need is about an hour and a half to explore the market seeing as most stalls sell the same things and one can only stand that heat for so long.  Happy shopping 🙂

Guest Post By Lebogang Mgiba @Lebza4Sho

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