Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle #WellnessWithZando

Today was definitely a Wednesday full of wellness, meeting new faces and lots healthy treats. Zando in collaboration with Wellness Warehouse hosted a couple of food/lifestyle bloggers and influencers to a delightful morning of positive thinking while bringing awareness to the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The morning started off with us being treated to a great selection of delicious & nutritious goodies, everything from blueberry muesli to the most heavenly gluten free chocolate brownies.

Once we were all done digging in our motivational speakers for the morning took us through a couple of tips, tricks and becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life:

Louise Pitot of Fleur de Bach Perfumes and Authentic Brands: the only eating psychology coach in South Africa, she took us through the importance of relaxed vs stress eating. Stress, poor eating and lack of sleep are the biggest contributors to weight gain! To avoid the weight gain be mindful of what you eat when stressed and always remember to breathe before and while you’re eating. Slow down, set the table, turn off your cellphone, be present & enjoy your food, when stressed we tend to eat faster and don’t give ourselves enough time to process what we are eating. 

Our next speakers were Stefan Potgieter owner and CEO of Fuel Foods & Mark Wolff Endurance Athlete:  Stefan took us through how to have a balanced nutritious intake during winter months & the importance of gut health and raw fermented foods while Mark helped us understand the importance on recovery, immune system health, emotional stability, stress management and performance. 

My 3 key take outs from the morning which are going to definitely play a major role in my health and wellbeing going forward were:

  1.  Positive thinking, eating healthy and exercise are all part of the journey towards wellness. 
  2.  You have to eat to lose weight – eating healthy is a lifestyle and not just a dieting fad.
  3.  Find healthy products that work for you and your lifestyle don’t buy what everyone else is buying it may not work for you.

Thank you Zando & Wellness Warehouse for the great morning, it was much needed now that we are going into this Winter period where one is always tempted to eat comfort food and all health goes out the window. An inspiring morning spent with good people! 


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