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Getaway To Thandeka Lodge & Spa Limpopo

I know I always say this but every now and again you just have to treat yourself with a short getaway to somewhere special. Thandeka Lodge & Spa in Limpopo is one of those special places. Found in the Waterberg Mountain Range in the Limpopo you can expect nothing but tranquil natural beauty and lots of majestic wildlife including 4 of the big 5. The lodge is only 2 hours away from JHB so it’s perfect if you just want to get away for the weekend. For our stay we booked into the tented suites which is glamping on steroids if you as me. Each suite comes with a bath tub, an outside shower, large beds, a viewing deck and lots of other awesome nuggets you would get at luxury hotels.

While we were here we made sure to try and do as much relaxing as we could starting off with spa treatments to help us recharge and rejuvenate. We then went on to enjoy some “living on the edge” interactions with some of the wildlife, the cheetahs to be exact, talk about living like everyday is your last lol. After walking with the Cheetahs we enjoyed a quick and simple yet filling lunch before heading out for a drive to see Jengo the White Lion that the lodge prides itself on. To be honest he is something beautiful it’s not everyday you get to witness natures beauty in all it’s glory.  Shout-Out to Sam & Remember for taking awesome care of us and for being such amazing guides!

This getaway is a little bit pricey so make sure you plan at least a month in advance or do group bookings. What I like to do is book trips during off-season because that’s when you get the best rates and travelling during off-season is not as bad as people always try to make it sound. Do your research and search for the best deals online. I used to be one of those skeptical people when it comes to booking deals websites but some of them truly give you the best prices. Another tip always check for reviews on those deals before booking. There are a lot of other awesome places to visit just outside of Johannesburg that give amazing experiences and I will be sure to try and find them all so that I can give you guys more details on the best specials etc. I think my  next blog post will be on the best booking sites for weekend getaways, what do you guys think? Happy Tuesday and make sure to travel more.





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