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Wednesday Wine Night At Metro Bryanston

It has been a while since I last posted so welcome to my first post of the month, sorry it took so long. It has been one hell of a busy month of renovations, work and family commitments for me and it was also my birthday earlier in the month. Anywho I am back to regular programming now and you guys can expect more reviews and fun posts coming your way. Starting with our review of Metro Restaurant. My friends suggested that we have our long overdue wine night at Metro Restaurant in Bryanston yesterday and it was the perfect setting for our crazy catch up.

The restaurant was not very busy in fact it was pretty empty for a Wednesday night but absolutely perfect for what we were looking for. It was intimate, the service was great and the food just as awesome. I won’t lie I didn’t expect it to be that great. The first point of order of the night was the Wine, Fat Bastard Chardonnay for my friends of course, I on the other hand stuck to my reliable Gin & Tonic. This didn’t sit well with my friends seeing as it was wine night after all. Lol

With our drinks sorted I was then tasked with ordering the meals. What a tough position to be put in, it was so hard I almost had a panic attack lol. So I figured why not order meals that we can all share that way if you hate the one at least you have two other options. So for starters I got us the Barbecue Wings and Squid Heads – The wings were absolutely marvellous (I am pretty sure I saw my friends licking the bones) and the squid heads were pretty decent, I didn’t enjoy that lemon butter sauce they came with though. img_0244


For mains I order the table some Fish & Chips, Lamb Chops & Chips and the Barbecue Chicken Nachos. The Fish and Nachos were clear winners for the night. Best nachos I have had in a very long time. You guys need to try their nachos. The fish was moist and the zesty lemon flavour added that extra kick of happiness to it.

Awesome restaurant selection for wine night Bax, you shall now be the designated restaurant picker for every wine night lol. Great place, great service and the prices are pretty affordable and decent. Our bill for the entire night came up to about R1 300 and we had 3 Bottles of Wine, Starters, Mains and 4x Double Gin & Tonics. Considering how big their food portions are I think the pricing is pretty reasonable. Happy Thursday friends. Look out for our Ultra SA and Justin Bieber ticket giveaways coming soon.

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