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Solo Lunch Dates At Rosetta’s Bistro Emperors Palace

When your day is just filled with meeting after meeting then it makes sense to want to get away from it all for a few hours and just enjoy some alone time. The year has truly started with a bang and seeing as I am back in full work mode, Rosetta’s Bistro was my little saviour after a very busy morning filled with nothing but strenuous meeting. With my stress levels being on another level of high I figured it would only make sense to keep my lunch clean and healthy. Trust me I really wanted to go in on the wine but I behaved and kept it to just juice and a chicken salad. To be honest the meal wasn’t exciting at all (I should have just had wine) but it did do it’s job of keeping my frustrations at bay. Solo lunch dates are a must every once or twice a month, trust me they will do wonders for you. People watching when alone is also very exciting and Rosetta’s is situated perfectly for this lol. You will however get the 1 or 2 odd stares every now and again but who cares, I don’t trust people who don’t know how to be alone from time to time anyway. Anyway lunch done and now back to the grind. Happy Thursday Everyone! *This post is so short lol*photo-2017-01-26-2-08-29-pm


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