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Weekend Getaway To Miarestate Hotel & Spa

The holiday bug for the festive season has finally hit us hard and slightly a little bit sooner than most, which means it’s time to travel more and spend our weekends exploring other places. This past weekend we took a young Shot’left to the Eastern Cape and spent the weekend at Miarestate Hotel & Spa. Panoramic views of sea and the untamed bush were exactly what we needed to wake up to every morning and they were nothing short of breathtaking. Our weekend was made up of loads of sea, sun and game drives. I love this country so much, we are truly blessed with amazing sites and heritage.

When it comes to the rooms at Miarestate they are spectacular, large in space, spotless, have fresh aromas and easy access to the private beach. The best part of the rooms for me though was the outdoor showers, so perfect for a young baecation lol. Our room also had a private pool which was perfect for our evening swims, I really liked that we didn’t have to share a pool with all the other visitors. Miarestate is a great escape that offers tranquility and pure relaxation.

On the food front the hotel restaurant serves a mean breakfast, lunch and supper for all pallets. Whether you in the mood for something light, fancy, greasy or even crafty they got it or they will make it happen upon your request. The staffs adaptability to people making changes to their menu is something I really appreciated and every single time they would do it with a great smile on their faces. Such a friendly and creative bunch of people.

Another awesome win about this place is if you can’t still like me then you can enjoy the amazing sunset views from your secluded patio, great hiking trails, game drives and long walks on the beach. Just make Miarestate your personal sanctuary for a few days and treat yourself to healthy living inspired spa treatments designed to relax and rejuvenate your spirit.

Reason why to book here over the holidays:

1. Great personalized service
2. Awesome unique experiences
3. The Views are everything
4. It is affordable luxury
5. Privacy and security

Now that it’s peak season it might be a little too late to make a booking but it’s worth a try. Tip, make a group booking so you get better discounted rates. Plan in advance. Drive down and enjoy the trip. You get to explore more on the road than in the air. Happy Monday Fam!

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