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Lunch At Bife On 14th

Saturdays are for having good times with Family and Friends and that’s exactly how I spent mine this past weekend. My friends and family decided to take me out for lunch at Bife on 14th to try cheer me up after the tough week I have been having. I guess they have all figured out that getting blog content always makes me happy LOL. I must applaud their restaurant choice, it was absolutely perfect for the day( I taught them well) and with out a doubt brought my smile back. It was simply the perfect afternoon, the sun was out and the world seemed to be in perfect harmony for those few hours. We ended up spending the entire day at the restaurant drinking wine and having very inappropriate but hilarious conversations, I think our waiter was traumatised at some point. He did mention though that we were the best customers he has had all week, awwh how cute. Anyway… We ended up ordering food later on in the afternoon and let me just say everything we ordered was pure perfection. It was beyond delicious, making Bife one of the top 10 best places I have eaten at all year. The best part of it all is that the food is not even that pricey, what we spent most of our money on was the drinks seeing as we stayed there all day. You can look at spending R350 for 2 for a meal and a drink. Make sure to make a booking though as they tend to get fully booked on weekends.IMG_5555

The best meals to try here, they are all absolutely divine and very filling:

OXTAIL: A hearty treat. Oxtail cooked the traditional Portuguese way. Served with White Rice

LAMB SHANK: Slow cooked in Olive Oil, fresh Garlic, Rosemary and Red Wine, until the meat falls off the bone
500G T-BONE: A huge, savoury bone-in choice Steak prepared with a smoky Marinade and fire-grilled. Smothered with sauteed Mushrooms, roasted Red Peppers and real smoked Bacon. Served with round Chips and Vegetables


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