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Daleahs Eatery Braamfontein

Have you ever had one of those days where the only thing you want to eat is cake… Soft, moist, creamy, mouth watering carrot cake? Well that was me a few days ago and the craving was so intense that I had to satisfy it and the nearest place was Deleahs Eatery in Braamfontein. Dear cravings, thank you for helping me find this amazing little gem. It’s small and intimate and the waiters are super welcoming. They have a simplistic breakfast and lunch menu which is very affordable and I will be sure to try out on my next visit. Now on to the moment I have been waiting for all day, the cake! It was everything I wanted and more, it made my day all the more beautiful. It’s not often you actually get what you were craving the exact way you wanted it. Guys, that cake was all sorts of delicious, freshly baked and made with love. Paired the cake with some tea and the rest is history. I will be back here for more it’s just too good and I loved the atmosphere. I forgot how awesome the City Vibes are, haven’t explored them in a while thanks to this winter, can summer just come back already!!



Happy Wednesday!

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