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Khoroni Hotel Thohoyandou

Isn’t funny how we never really notice the beauty that surrounds us on a daily until somebody points it out for us? Well this weekend was a classic case of this for me as my friends and I headed on a weekend getaway in Limpopo. Seeing as I am from Limpopo you would think I know all about it’s awesomeness but nope, talk about being totally clueless (so embarrassing). We ended up staying at Khoroni Hotel in Thohoyandou for the weekend and let me just say this place is absolutely stunning. The rooms are modern and sophisticated, with original craft items created by local artists. Wonderful interiors all around, very good service and some decent dining too. Seeing that it is also a casino the restaurant and other entertainment services are open until late. For a 3 star hotel they give you 5 star quality service throughout your stay, making it great value for money.If you have never been to Venda then this is the perfect place to start to immerse yourself in a true Venda African experience.

Why you should book here:
Great Service
Clean spacious rooms
Easy access to Entertainment
Great scenery
Close proximity to the Kruger National Park

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