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Top 5 Influencer Programs We Think You Should Join

Finally I get some time to sit down and write this post for you guys. Sorry it took so long, it has been one super hectic week and exhaustion has kept me from doing things that I love 🙁 . Since I shared our top ways for Bloggers/Social Influencers to make money online it only makes sense for me to now share which programs you should join to get started. These are my favourite 5 and I’m pretty sure there are more out there so if you know of any others please do share in the comments section below. Let me keep this short and sweet so here goes:
Webfluential1. Webfluential: This is by far our favourite Influencer Program to join. The team at Webfluential always work on over drive to make sure they match Influencers with the right brands based on your reach, resonance and relevance. You can join the platform using your Twitter or Instagram account if you have a following of over 1000 fans. Once you have been accepted you can then load your other social media accounts and blog and start getting booked for jobs.
download2. Snapfluence: If you have great photography skills and your Instagram account is lit and always looking fresh then this is the perfect platform for you. Snapfluence provides creative opportunities for Influencers to become partners and advocates with top brands. So get snapping, join them and start getting paid!
3. Advowire: Unlike the other programs, outside of getting discovered for new earning opportunities, Advowire encourages you to share other Influencers content across your social platforms as well as have them share your content across theirs. You then get rewarded points for sharing, which you can then later cash in or use to buy merchandise and gift cards.

IMG_22144. Influencers At Work: These guys just like Webfluential offer content creators a simple, effective way to get noticed and booked by brands they love. You have to request to join and once accepted then you can start getting booked for jobs. What I like about them is that they don’t tie you down to exclusive contracts or long-term obligations.

5. We Connect Social: Once again these guys also work day and night making sure they are connecting Brands with the best Social Media Influencers. If you love to Blog and Tweet then this is the platform for you. If you have high engagements and reach then you will likely get booked often for awesome fun gigs.

These are our favourite 5 platforms which we have joined in the past or are currently a part of. All of them have their pros and cons but they are the few that we trust and recommend. So now that you guys know make sure to join and make that extra cash doing what you enjoy. Nothing more awesome than getting paid to do what you love. Remember all of this won’t just come easy and it doesn’t guarantee over night success, it all depends on the effort you put into your platforms. Consistency is key in everything, be consistent and it will eventually show results.

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