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Top 5 Ways For Bloggers & Influencers To Make Money Online

So our next couple of advice blog posts will be based on some of the topic suggestions you guys keep emailing us, with this weeks one being “How do you make money online?” We figured since there are many ways you can make money online we would rather give you our top 5 ways to make money online, we will also share real examples from our personal experience of each. These suggestions are mainly for people who blog and are influential on Social Media. So here goes:

1. Sponsored Blog Post: These are branded posts that include links to the sponsor, usually in the form of product reviews and any other brand reviews. Some brands tend to provide you with the post to upload on your blog but I believe the blogger should always write the post so that they can give more honest and authentic feedback. You can charge anything from $150-$10000+ depending on your blog readership. If you don’t know how to get brands to notice you then join Influencer programs that will help match you with the right brands. post

2. Affiliate Programs: Here you basically become part of the brands “online sales team” and you get paid for making referrals and get commissions for sales conversions. You do this by loading affiliate banner ads or sharing affiliate links on your platforms/pages. A good example of this is seen mostly on beauty blogs where a blogger will share links to all the products the used in their post and if you click that link and then end up buying that product the blogger makes a commission for that sale. You will only make big commissions through this method if you have a massive number of people converting and purchasing products.
(From time to time you will see banners like this across the blog, every-time some clicks on them and books a holiday we make a commission)Tweet

3. Sponsored Social Media Posts: Just like the sponsored blog posts these are sponsored social media posts which promote a brands product. Certain people on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc are seen as having influence and therefore get approached by brands to push their products to their followers on their personal pages. Again there are Influencer programs which you can join to get this type of work, if you are not sure where to start. You can make anything from $30-$3000+ per post depending on your influence which is based on a combination of your engagement, following, views and reach.Tweet

4. Banner Advertising: This is the most obvious off the 5, brands simply buy banner placements on your blogs/sites or you can join networks like Google Adsense that will serve ads through your site and you get paid per click or thousand impressions. You will only make big money through this method if you have a massive number of people visiting your blog/sites.
(We don’t have any paid for banners running right now but you would usually see banners on the following sections of sites) banners

5. Free-Lance Writing: If your are a blogger then you most likely enjoy writing, so why not write for other people and get paid for it. Brands are always looking for people who can write content for their websites, why not make sure that that person is you. Entertainment sites are always looking for entertainment writes and so on and so forth. Here you can charge per word or article from anything between $500-$1000+.writing

We can write an entire book on each of these but for the purpose of this post we will keep it short. if you want us to share more then just let us know 🙂 we will do a series of posts. For our next post we will talk about the top 5 Influencer programs we think you should join soon.

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