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My Reality In A Dream

She smiles, slowly rolls over to cuddle up against me, as I kiss her good morning.
Barely opens her eyes as she tells me she loves me.
Her hands, silky soft and warm on my bare chest, she whispers 5 more minutes.
Hold me for 5 more minutes. I woke up smiling, far from her reach.

I feel her love, in the warmth of the winter morning’s sun.
I feel her sweet kisses and warm caress in the chill of the morning breeze.
Her patient love, in the promise of yet another day to get better.
Yet another day to get stronger, another day of the hard toil and a promise to become wiser.

I woke up 5 minutes earlier to face the bitter cold morning.
I did it with a smile on my face, and pride in my stride.
I did it with the promise of yet another day knowing I am loved by her.
I love her, and through it all, I know she loves me.
I’ll go to bed smiling again tonight, in anticipation of yet another encounter with the one I love.
My hope, my peace, my serenity.
My unyielding pillar of strength, my Queen.
I, the man who would be her King.


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