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The African Regent Hotel Accra

So as you all know I am in Accra, Ghana for the next three days and this is where I am staying. The hotel like most big tourist has a contemporary traditional African design and every now and again you will bump into a few beautiful lizards roaming freely around the hotel. The staff here are great and I am already enjoying my stay. The heat on the other hand is showing me major flames struggling to get used to to it but the hotel AC has been a huge life saver. The rooms are pretty spacious, clean, modern with general views of the main roads and villages surrounding the hotel. The food is standard hotel food with a mix of Ghanaian specialties here and there. All in all I am enjoying it here and any hotel that offers complimentary Wifi is a big WINNER in my books

My hotel room

Dinner at the hotel restaurant.

The view from different sides of the hotel and my little friend that keeps visiting.

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