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Real Jack Refreshment

Temperatures might be cooling like a chilled whiskey on the rocks, but there’s still time to make the last moments of summer count with Jack Daniel’s. With their coolers (made with real Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey) you can make every moment your best yet, because nothing beats making lasting memories with those that matter most.

Jack Daniel’s coolers can be enjoyed whenever the moment to be bold arises, so you can be sipping on a classic Jack & Cola, or a crisp Jack & Apple in the blink of an eye. It’s real Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, in two refreshing mixes that are conveniently ready to drink when you are.


Jack & Cola combines the iconic flavours of two liquid legends – the bold distinct taste of Jack Daniel’s Tennesse Whiskey and just the right amount of refreshing Cola. Perfectly mixed, this is a true classic fit for any occasion. 


Boasting the unmatched quality of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey with a taste of apple, this mix is distinctly refreshing and unmistakably Jack to the core. A crisp taste with a one-of-a-kind flavour that stays true to the innovative spirit of Mr.Jack. 

Whilst the season may be turning, Jack Daniel’s commitment to making moments count isn’t going anywhere, so we’re giving summer a last nod with a bottle in hand and a smile on our face! Because making it count isn’t a symbol of a season, it isn’t just a moment in time; making it count is a way of life and a commitment to living boldly and with purpose. So, grab yourself a Jack & Cola or a Jack & Apple and Make It Count.

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NB: Your friends at Jack Daniel’s remind you to drink responsibly.

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