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Breakfast At MRKT Cape Town, Review

MRKT, pronounced “market”, is a brand-new addition to Cape Town’s Foreshore, open to guests and residents of The Onyx, and the public. Located on The Onyx’s ground floor, this establishment claims to be all about authenticity, variety and convenience paired with the utmost level of quality. We can 100% confirm that MRKT is authentic, and you will get the best quality of food and service.

The restaurant serves a selection of wholesome breakfast and lunch items, harvest-inspired buffet offerings and simple but flavourful on-the-go meals. Our favourite meals were the:

Smoked Salmon Open Sandwich with, avocado, wasabi mayo, sushi ginger and

sesame seeds. A delicious and healthy sandwich, my favourite kind of breakfast! Bursting with all kinds of amazing flavours, this sandwich is the best way to start the day.

This sandwich only costs: R90

Seared Beef Open Sandwich with, caramelised onion, gherkins, mayo and mustard. A super simple but tasty sandwich, the beef is cooked to perfection, and it is super filling.

This sandwich only costs: R90

If you like breakfast to be caffeine-fueled, then you’ll find a great range of in-house roasted coffee here. I also found it to be a perfect break from working from home as they have great workstations.

Great restaurant, affordable prices and great service, well worth a visit.

Visit MRKT today.

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