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5 Things To Do In Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

As you guys may have noticed across my social media, I was recently in Southern Africa’s Adventure Capital, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe on one of the most memorable bloggers trip of 2018. On our trip, we were treated to a plethora of activities, with everything from visiting the Majestically Mighty Victoria Falls to zip-lining over the Zambezi River and its ancient gorges all thanks to Wild Horizons tours. Below I have listed my top 5 things to do in Victoria Falls should you guys want to plan a holiday there, of course there are plenty of other fun activities to get up to but these 5 were my favourite:

Victoria Falls: The waterfalls are the main attraction here, and there’s a range of ways to see them, we decided to experience the falls on foot with our amazing tour guide Zulu. The walk takes about two hours if you stop and take in the beautiful sights, so dress comfortably. Expect to get a little wet on some sections of the falls but it’s a welcomed kind of wet in the Zimbabwean heat. Just be prepared to be blown away by the beauty of God’s creation. I keep telling you guys God is an artist the falls are the proof.  – tip: carry water proof covers for your camera’s and phones.

The Elephant Camp (Elephant Art): To escape the thunderous falls and tourist crowds, take an afternoon and lose yourself in this eco conscious and unique elephant experience. While the elephants enjoyed an afternoon sprinkle in the waterhole, we sat under the shade of an enormous Mopane tree within close distance of these majestic animals for a painting class with the elephants and bushveld backdrop as our inspiration.  – tip: if you have zero artistic ability like me make sure you follow the instructions from the guide. Also take some time to learn a bit more about the sanctuary and all the work they do to protect the elephants.

Sunset Cruise on The Zambezi River: Hippos, crocodiles, elephants are just a few of the animals you may spot while on the sunset cruise on the Zambezi. Enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine while cruising on the still waters through Zimbabwe & Zambia. The cruise is also a nice way to get to meet new people and create some fun memories  – tip: bring a camera to get the best shot of the hippos, phone cameras won’t do.

Dinner & Drum Show At The Boma: Dinner at the Boma was definitely one of the best experiences on the trip. The evening consisted of being dressed in a chitenge at arrival and then being transported into a world of non-stop entertainment with performances by traditional singers, dancers and drummers, face painting and a four-course dinner, with a tasting of crocodile, buffalo and other game meat. The grand finale is an interactive drumming show, giving you the chance to discover your inner African rhythm. I must admit my coordination skills are really bad so I didn’t really thrive during the interactive part of the show lol. The Boma is located within the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge Property and is open to all visitors.

Zip-lining & Gorge Swing At Lookout Café (High-Wire Activities):  This one is for the adrenaline junkies, the zip-line is one that allows you to experience the real thrill of flying high above the mighty Zambezi River. Experience the spectacular views of the Victoria Falls Bridge and the Zambezi gorges while being 120m up on the air. To be honest I chickened out of this activity my fear of heights picked the wrong time to show face but the brave ones had one crazy wild experience up there, spotting hippo carcasses, different bird species and beautiful wildlife flowers. For what it’s worth I made a good cheerleader for all those who jumped.

A Few Tips when booking your holiday and activities:

  1. For affordable flights from South Africa to Victoria Fall book through Fastjet it is a punctual, reliable and affordable carrier.
  1. Book the following activities through Wild Horizons for the best deals and spectacular service: High-Wire Activities, Sunset Cruise & Visit to the Elephant Camp/Elephant Art. They operate tours that range from cultural excursions, wildlife viewing and ethical wildlife interactions to tailor made experiences.
  1. Carry your passport with you when visiting the Falls, SADC visitors get discounted rates if you are able to provide proof that you are one.
  1. When it comes to currency it is best to carry dollars even though South African Rand’s are accepted at the markets just make sure you have both to be safe. Also, good negotiation skills are a must when navigating through the markets.
  1. Book your holiday now, you will not regret it, Victoria Falls is a definite bucket list must do in this lifetime.

For all activity prices visit the links in the post 🙂 hope you are all having a wonderful day!


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