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The Relaunch Of Mythos Greek Restaurant At Design Quarter

So last week Mythos invited us and a host of other bloggers and influencers to the relaunch of their Design Quarter restaurant were we were treated to an evening filled with traditional Greek dancing and delicious cuisine. The new restaurant gives you all the Greek island feels, by resembling a refreshing, clean, and new experience that sets Mythos apart from any other Greek or Mediterranean restaurant. The inspiration behind the design was to highlight the authentic Greek lifestyle and atmosphere, the need to reconnect with the traditional Greek heritage and simplicity of Greek design. The new restaurant strongly highlights Greek artisanship whose ethos is to create everything by hand and to stay clear of anything mass-produced.

From the second you walk in you can feel the touch of the people who worked on creating each element in the restaurant. You can feel the people in the walls and architecture and immediately get a sense that passion and care was put into every little detail of the restaurant. From the mural wrapping the staircase that is inspired by the myth of Icarus to the mythical experience that is inspired by the magic of Greece, Mythos’ myth truly is now reborn at Design Quarter. If you are looking for spectacular Greek Authenticity then a visit to Mythos Design Quarter is a definite must. Expect good food, great service and a refreshing atmosphere!


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