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Elements Market Cafe, Best Breakfast Spot In Hilton

If you are ever in Hilton then you should definitely make a breakfast stop at Elements Market Cafe. During my stay in Hilton these past 2 days this was undoubtedly my favourite restaurant. Fresh food made with loving hands, like they say it’s all the gourmet elements that your taste buds desire. If your start your day with a good breakfast then surely you are bound to have an exciting day. And an exciting day we had indeed. After enjoying our amazing omelette, salad and garden breakfast, our smiles returned  with a big bang despite the weather being all shades of grey

The Elements menu is fully loaded with delicious sweet and savoury items, the atmosphere and service is great and you can expect some of the best sandwiches, smoothies, and coffee. I really don’t have much to say about the place besides that, it is freaking amazing and well worth a visit. The prices are very kind too :), you can look at spending R300 for 3 including drinks. I’m looking forward to trying out more places in Hilton but the weather at the moment is a bit too crazy for doing anything. Hopefully I will get to do some fun stuff before I leave. 

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