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Give Your Workspace An Inspiring Superbalist Upgrade

So most of you are always asking me how I keep the excitement and energy to blog as well as what tools I use when working on each blog post, so I figured why not let  you in on a little secret that helps keep my creative juices flowing. That big little secret guys is making sure I have a beautiful WORKSPACE. I always make sure I have a neat and colourful desk area to keep me energised, productive and in a vibrant mood every time I work on a new post. Good lighting as well as an aesthetically appealing desk are also a great backdrop for all those times I want to take beautiful pictures for my blog and social media pages, sharing beautiful images always makes me feel good, so a beautiful working space is a definite must for me.

Seeing as I have had the same colourful space for a while now I think it’s time for a little change and for me to add a new fresh looking *va va voom* to my space.  A wish list  is always a great starting point to help inspire productivity, it also just makes my shopping all the more quick and efficient making me feel like I am some kind of super hero (Lol I hate lines guys)! Speaking of quick, efficient and no lines I have decided to create my makeover wish list through Superbalist as they have great range of stylish affordable furniture, gadgets and so many more quirky and funky accessories to turn your work space into a work of art! Seeing as I would like my new space to have simple dark chic colours with a dash of pink elegance (my Instagram pics have to look flawless guys lol) these are my wish list pieces for my upgrade:

My Desk & Chair.

The Ceuta Console Table: I was immediately drawn to this table, the attractive dark grey would work perfectly in any colour setting, the wooden legs are wonderfully chic, but the best thing about it is the storage it offers. I can store all my admin until I’m ready to file! Ha!
Dima Upholstered Chair: Imagine trying to meet deadlines in an uncomfortable chair, that would be a nightmare but luckily this softly padded chair is all the comfort that you need to keep you going for hours on end.Items for my Desk and Office Space (Stationery & Gifting).

Lined Notebook: Sure technology is a great way to store information and have it all in one place, but I like the novelty of writing things down… I also find that I always complete my tasks when I write them down, technology is distracting so get yourself a notebook to stay focused!

John Folding Stand Floor Lamp: LIGHTING! One of the most important components of a well-designed working space. I have to admit, I’m a bit of a workaholic and I’m up late nights most nights. This light is aesthetically pleasing (matches with my table too and will make my product pictures look good) but also can be adjusted to your preferred height! Totally Love it!

The Paris France Skyline Print: Having something visually appealing that I can stare at when I just need a moment to gather my thoughts is always a must for me. Seeing as I love travelling this Paris skyline print will great travel inspiration since visiting Paris is on my bucket list. 

Other smaller pieces that I would get for my office space would be gold and black stationery pieces, a monochrome mesh bin and to top off my wish list I would get myself two beautiful gold and pink see through vases to add some plants to my office to give it more life. 

The last few months of the year are always such a drag but I feel if your space inspires you, you will not feel the year end fatigue as much as you would while working in the same old uninspiring space. I hope this wish list inspires you guys to give your workspace a little make over soon! To help you with your amazing new makeover get R250 Off your first purchase on the Superbalist App available on Google Play & Itunes. Happy Shopping and shout out Superbalist for partnering with us on this post! 

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