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The Braai Room Fourways

So last night I got invited to to go and review The Braai Room in Fourways (Pineslopes), Johannesburg. Seeing as I don’t eat read meat and that’s the best kind of Braai meat, I decided to invite 2 of my friends to join me on this delicious meaty adventure. Upon our arrival we were greeted by the ever so friendly and super polite Sandile who showed us to our table. On first impressions I must say The Braai Room is a very chilled spot nothing too fancy, it’s perfect for Saturday afternoon Braai Day’s with friends while enjoying a sports game or two. The decor is very minimalistic and simple and it surrounds the open kitchen and a wood-fired grill. It is really just a relaxed place for when you are in the mood for some amazing beef, lamb, pork and free-range chicken. I think it is going to be one of my favourite places for those days when you are just craving some deliciously barbecued meat, (most times this happens after a long night of partying lol).

The menu is extremely meat heavy so if you are a vegetarian or vegan then this is definitely not the place for you. Every item from starters to mains is pure clean cut and aged animal protein, I think I might have seen a greek salad somewhere on the  menu but who goes to a Braai to order a salad (lol)… For starters we had the Buffalo Wings which were basted in the most delicious chilli sauce I have ever had, it had such an amazing kick to it. It was a great start to our dinner and it got us all excited for what was to come next.

For mains we had the:

Lamp Rump served with roasted Sweet Potatoes and Vine Tomatoes; the Lamp Rump was a good sized serving, it was cooked medium to well done and  it paired well with the sweet potatoes and vine tomatoes – well worth having again. The tomatoes were juicy and grilled to perfection and that little bit of zest to the rump.

The Trio Of Ribs served with fries; the ribs were basted perfectly, slathered in a delicious barbecue sauce and had a nice caramelized crust, they were mouthwateringly succulent, fell right off the bone. So delicious 

Old Style Oxtail Potjie served with basmati rice; this is a perfect winter dish, it was hearty, slow cooked and had that amazing homely feel to it. You could tell it was made with lots and lots of love as my friend says. The Basmati rice had a welcoming sweet taste and it was soft in texture making a good pairing for the oxtail. A great meal try!  Go enjoy it before winter is over guys. 

For dessert we tried the Apple & Blueberry Crumble, loved the ice-cream but I was not a big fan of the crumble. I think when it comes to dessert the guys can just keep it simple or not have it at all. Everything else on the menu is already so wonderful that I don’t think after enjoying all that meat one will be in the mood for such a hearty dessert. 

The Braai Room is a definite must visit spot and since warmer weather is starting to creep in, it’s going to be a big hit this summer for sure. The prices are super reasonable you can look at spending R350 for 2, they have a lovely wine collection that pairs well with the menu items. You can look forward to deliciously aged meats and they are prepared to perfection, pure mastery. I think you guys will find me here on most weekends,  I look forward to bumping into some of you. Yesterday alone I bumped into so many old friends I guess this is makes the Braai Room a perfect places for mini reunions!

Simple, Great Quality Food & Service, It’s Every Braai Lovers Perfect Slice Of Heaven!

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