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Swaziland For One Night Only At Summerfield Resort

So as some of you know I was planning to go for a weekend getaway to Swaziland but unfortunately couldn’t due to some work commitments. I guess the universe really wanted me in Swaziland because it so happened that I had to go over for a client meeting which means I got to spend a day in Swaziland. Since I was there for work I didn’t have much time to do the whole blogger exploring thing. The hotel I was staying in however was so beautiful that I had to walk around and get some pics to share with you guys.

So I was booked in to the beautiful Summerfield Botanical Garden & Exclusive Resort. Can we jut take a minute to appreciate the breathtaking gardens around the resort. Absolutely stunning, they transform the entire resort into a magical wonderland making morning walks all the more special. For a moment you feel like you are on an exotic island when walking through the gardens. When it comes to the rooms, I was booked in to the executive suite which was spacious and had awesome views and private access to the garden. The room had two twin double beds which felt like a waste of space but I guess makes sense for group bookings. I should’ve taken a nap in the one after my meeting then maybe slept in the other in the evening LOL. It was too beautiful the one thing they can do away with in the rooms are the ugly TV’s such beautiful rooms deserve so much better!

Another great thing about Summerfield is the excellent food at the restaurants. The chef clearly put his foot in all that food it was so delicious and hearty. The service was also so great the staff are super welcoming and helpful. They do take day bookings at the restaurants so if you just want to pop in for lunch then you should and let the flavours blow you away. For such a beautiful place I expected the rooms to be super pricey but turns out they are affordable, you can look at spending anything between R800-R3000 a night depending on the seasons.

Next time when I do come to Swaziland for my much needed holiday I will be sure to book here again. It’s tranquil, exotic, seductive and absolutely luxurious. Maybe I should get myself a bae before I go just so we can pretend to take romantic walks LOL. Happy Sunday Everyone!

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